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To You Mom

Friday, I drove to Stow to be with my mother.

My brother Anthony was there with his new child, Cecilia.

Was a great relaxing time. My whole
goal was to give Ma 100 percent of my focus.

We grilled steaks and had a tasty meal.
We talked and talked … I listened and listened.

Earlier in the weekend, I went up to Mom’s computer room
and looked for some CDs to burn
photos of my children that were on her computer.

I opened the bottom drawer and saw
a thick stack of my emails printed out and paper clipped.
Later in out conversation she shared how she thinks
I am a wonderful writer.

This coming from the woman who always
thought I should be a Hollywood actor.

The same woman who gifted me with the ability to paint
and draw and always provided the tools to take my
talents to the next level. She exposed me to so
many art mediums, like oils, watercolors, ceramics, etc.

Our conversations growing up were mini art history lessons – engagin’ me in talks about specific artists and there styles she wanted to expose me to.
Once I had advanced enough for the next level of instruction.

Back to the whole actor thing though …
in the past at family gatherings, she would brag to her
family about how I need to be a Hollywood actor. I’d turn red
and say, “Alright Ma, enough. Will you stop please?”

Then the 100 percent passionate Italian lady
would carry on and on about how great
I was at something. Inside I knew she was simply a proud mother wanting
to share those thoughts.

She tends to do that with any compliment she
hands out. Its over the top and filled with much
energy and enthusiasm.

This time when she complimented me
and my writing – I let it in. I did not reject it.

We talked about my future vision and the life that
I am living that is leading me there very quickly.

Writing is somewhat like an art form. Only you use words
instead of paint strokes or pencil strokes. Its a powerful medium
that changes lives, which is quite fulfilling.

Mom has been supportive of every endeavor I’ve ever
chosen. And today I thank her for that.

Thanks Mom.

And thanks to you for allowing me into your life to
share this special lady with you.

I also wish the Mom’s in your life a wonderful and well
deserved celebration on this Mother’s Day.

Much love,

Vince Palko

P.S. If you love sports and love to hear how championship coaches
would advise you to deal with every day challenges,
then run over and check out my new book, Tackling Life’s Problems.

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