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Tap into the Energy of a Child

Last night, I took all three girls to Sophia’s soccer practice.

Was kinda funny cause many of the parents there kept
staring at us.

You see, while the older one was on the
field the two younger ones and I kicked a soccer ball, wrestled
on the turf, circle bear crawls, and fired up the piggy ride express.

Yes, I’m a little like a kid myself. I like to move, and keep moving -
not sit and watch.

Now usually, when a kid wants to play with their parent, the adult will oblige.
After a few rounds when the kid asks, “Again, again,”
the parent says, “Nooo, I can’t – I’m too tired.”

What if you could tap into energy reserves
and be able to swing your child around and around
and around… and never get gassed.

That would be great. Yes?

Well, what if you could play all evening with them
and outlast them. Seem to good to be true. Its not.

While getting up from the sod, i noticed parents who
were lookin our way -  quickly look the other direction.

They did this over and over again.

Hmmm, what are they thinking. Maybe something like this:

“Where do this guy get his energy.”
“Why doesnt he just sit down and relax.”
“Wonder what it would feel like to tap into his energy circuit.”

Or maybe they weren’t thinking that at all. Who knows.

What I do know is there’s a principle that I write about
in Triple Your Endurance that leads to greater
levels of energy.

Its one that requires no equipment, no sugary energy drinks,
no coffee, no adrenaline shots… nothing.

Now what if you don’t have kids or your kids
are grown. Well, what would you do with
your newfound energy? Would that extra pep
in your step provide another stream of
income in the form of a sideline biz.

Would it help you write a book.

Would you just want to be able to get
yourself back in fit condition once again.

The choice is up to you.

Grab Triple Your Endurance, and watch how people’s jaws lower wondering how
you got your energy and enthusiasm.

Do it Now. You’ll be glad you did.


Vince Palko

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