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How Dreams Move On

Late last night I pulled up Dr. Martin Luther King’s
speech online.

And sat spellbound for 20 minutes.

I have never listened to it all the way through.
What an inspiration.

Invisible shock waves ripped through the crowd building up to a crescendo:

“Free at Last, Free at Last — Thank God Almighty We’re Free at Last.”
Were the words beamed to the heavens from that small podium in
Washington. These words spoken over 40 years
ago, still carry a tremendous vibration.

That brings me to why his dream has carried on so long.
His dream was infused into the hearts of millions of people
all over the world. This dream quickly became THEIR dream.

Most folks “have a dream” too.

Yet the dream never gets past the “in the noggin” phase.
Never to reach a single soul to impact them.
Let alone millions and millions like Dr. King.

And this is truly a SAD, sad thing.

Then six months later when they see their dream
on TV or in the bookstore, or with someone else … they say:

“It coulda been me…”

Let me give the hard facts about your dreams.

- A dream needs to be protected from criticism
- A dream needs cultivated
- A dream needs thought energy and guidance
- A dream needs to replay itself over and over in the background of your mind
- A dream needs to be an “escape” to go when you are frustrated with your current reality
- A dream needs to be acted upon today — even if its a 3 minute exercise, or one sentence for your new book

Or else that dream goes up into the ethers … floats around
waiting for someone else to pull it down and ACT on it.

Never to giving you the opportunity to Conceive it, Birth it and Grow it much like
a little child.

When you sign up for my Success Club
I’ll show you how to keep your dream
alive and working for you even when you are not working to bring it to life.

And I am not talking a HUGE dream impacting millions of people like MLK’s.
Though it could be.

Yours could simply be to write a book. To find your soul mate.
To drop 20 pounds. To find happiness in your life. To invent something.
Whatever it is… I can show you how to bring it into your life… easily
and effortlessly. These are all dreams anyone can accomplish and do
on a daily basis.

And if you want to set a BIG dream cause you think larger than LIFE.
That’s good, I can assist you in that arena too.

The only thing we need from you is for you to simply make
a decision to put energy into what you want by taking a single
step in that direction.

My Success Club Toolkit
that arrives each month will assist
you keeping your dream alive and well.

It will serve as time for you to spend with your dream so it does NOT slip away.

Dreams, like fish, will slip out of your hands unless you net them
and bring em into the boat.

I look forward to NETTING your big FISH after you reel it in.
And slapping high fives – over and over with you – when WE do.

I still have 107 slots available to get into my new — Rocket Ride Success Club.
You can sign up here NOW…

Conceive, Believe, Achieve,

Vincent William Palko

Ps. Remember: Dreams move on if you wait to long.
Dont wait any longer … visit this Success Club NOW…

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