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How I Stole the Show

Yesterday I had an intense roller blade workout.

But not just any blade.

One where I stole the show.

There was some big BMX stun show
going on at the University parking lot
I pass on the route I skate. Well, not really big about a couple hundred people.
I stopped to take a gander and
watched a few spectacular jumps and spins
off the half pipe.

Crowd was silent.

The announcer dude who did a stunt and fell on his arse
was a wanna be biker. After his wipe out, licking his wounds, he went back
to the mic announcing the bikers and their stunts.

He kept saying, “Toledo, lets hear some noise.
The more noise you make, the higher they will fly.”

Repeating this over and over- he did.

After about the10th trick being performed
and not getting any kind of applause — I leaned over to
some guy watching from a bench and said,
“How much will you give me if I take off
over there and steal the show.”

He chuckled and said, “I’m not sure if it will be worth it.

I said, “Well, if it gets me on TV it might just be.”

Right then, without thinking twice about it
I took off and skated about 60 yards
over to where the two half pipes were.

I circled the one half pipe
and then skated up to the big one and did an up and over.

I came crashing down on my side all sprawled out…

The crowd went nuts.

I dusted myself off and stood up shouting — “Do not try this at home kids…
do not try this at home.”

I had about as much coordination on the half pipe as a deer on ice.

After the confusion wore off
a couple of the bike rats
peddled over shouting a bunch of stuff.

Before they could get another word out… I said,
“Hey man, I did you a favor — this crowd was dead before I got here.
Now they’re warmed up. You dont have to thank me
for almost breaking my neck.”

After I stood up, they saw I was twice their size and
the frowns turned to smiles.
They directed the crowd to me… and the announcer
said, “let’s hear it for the lone skater!!!”

I skated back to the guy and on the bench, puffed my chest out, and smiled.
Without asking he whipped out a twenty spot.

I said, “Keep it. It was worth every second.”

Too bad no cameras were around to film.

So its a simple message today.
Step up and cause a stir. Shake people up.
Get outta your comfort zone.

It will energize both them and YOU.

Go for it.

Vince Palko

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