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How to Be A Champion

Well, the Cavs continue to roll
over Atlanta and with Atlantas newly injured
player last night added to their other two, looks
like another sweep is in order.

Now did I just jinx myself.

No way … Ojay.

These guys are true champions. They have shown they dont play down
to another teams level. Case in point the blow outs
that occurred in the first couple of series.
They have throttled teams by double digit numbers.

It all starts with their coach.

After a wide margin of victory he finds some
area the team needs improvement on.
He was interviewed saying we can always get better.
And it starts with defense.

From the coach it then trickles down to
their standout forward, Lebron.

Sidenote did you see him drain a 45 footer with
someone in his face? It was like a video game..
he can do anything he wants.

Besides his amazing gifts of speed, height, fluidity
and strength, he also possesses a few other key qualities.
Passion, leadership and drive to be the best.

He makes those around him better.

Plus, he does the right things on and off the field.

He does more than show up. Yet, for most success
is all about showing up. You show up and half the battle
is accounted for.  I wanna make a key point here by telling you
a story.

I was out at the high school’s track yesterday doing
some of my Super Body Blitz exercises.

When I was wrapping up, school kids filtered out
of the school for a gym class.  The teacher was having
them run a timed mile.

“20 seconds could be the difference between a B and a C…”
I overheard him shout. “So make sure your shoes are tied now.”

“Ready set, go!”

The mass of kids dashed from the starting line.

I noticed two stragglers after everyone left just walking.
Two able bodied kids with all the energy in the world
to make the effort… not giving an ounce of anything.

Just walking.


The teacher shouted, “If you do not complete this, tomorrow
you will have to come back and run it. If you dont come tomorrow,
you shall return the follwoing day.”


The two boys kept walking.

Then they pointed to the school saying we’ll just go inside and
wait for you. And walked round the track while other runners past

Now everyone else was running but they
also knew these two jokers were not participating.
Sometimes that has a demoralizing affect on the rest.
Kinda like one bad apple spoils the rest of the bunch.

As the jokers walked right by me stretching, inside I could feel something welling up.

When the majority had finished the teacher told them to wait
in the bleachers for the rest to finish.

After finishing some grass drills, and my warm downs,
I walked over to the kids in the bleachers.

Faces began to look up. They didnt know what
was about to happen.  They looked at
their instructor about 30 yards away and then
back at me now standing 15 yards directly in front of them.

I clapped and said, “Way to go Cougars. Way to start the day
like Champions not Chumps.”  And I pointed to the school
building wherein the two jokers had cowardly defected to.

Okay, there I said it. It was off my chest. I smiled and turned
to jog off the field. Never walk on a football field.

As I rolled away, I heard one of the kids shout,
“Way to go right back at you.” Then the rest of
them laughed feeling pretty good at what they had done
knowing the good guys and girls won that morning.

I raised my fist in the air while jogging away and then pointed back at
the large group.

Success is showing up.

Success is giving your best effort every time.

Success is pushing yourself beyond perceived barriers.

If you do the first 2 out of 3 you will be well ahead
of the majority of folks out there.

Start your day like a Champion!

Vince Palko

P.S. Be back tomorrow to tell you why I dont
shower after a workout until I have the bulk of work done.

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