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How to Be Happy

Was on the stepper this AM and two
ladies were whining up a storm next to
me. I tried to keep my blinders on, breath deeply and mind me business.

But I failed. I eavesdropped on their convo.

Sounded like one woman was considering a
divorce. The other one was in “support mode”
or as I like to call it “getting crapped on by a 4 ton
oversized dump truck of schisse” (thats german for shitola).

The support woman you could tell
didnt agree with everything her friend was saying.

However, she added “I wonder why men
are so different and they NEVER listen… blah, blah.”

“Ooops, sorry,” she said to me pumpin’ away.

“I’m bashing men – with a man standing next to me.”

“No worries… but I do have feedback for you if you have ears to hear.”

“Sure,” she nodded.

“The grass ain’t always greener on the other side.
And the other piece of feedback is if you focus
solely on what your partner doesn’t do you are bound
to be miserable the rest of your life. Try to find three
things he does do right and focus there. Even if you have to scrape
to do so. You’ll be amazed how the situation might
improve. And with that, I’ll step
off me soap box.”

It changed the whole dynamic of the conversation,
the woman who wanted a divorce stepped off
the treadmill, he support partner, who was wading in dung,
said, “you know I was trying to tell her the same thing.”

You are right, its easier to make things work when
you have this mindset.

So let me ask you what are three things you
are grateful for?

Your health?

Your kids?

Your shelter?

Food on the table?

Gratitude does wonders for your soul. And happiness soon does follow.
An unending source of joy and happiness – that is.

Take a moment and write down three
things you are grateful for – right now!

And let the rest of your day be a Superb ONE.


Vince Palko

P.S. If you missed my previous announcements
of my good pal Dr. Wu’s new_book, then make sure
to run over and catch his awesome offer.
Do so now… Transforming Stress into Power.

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