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How to Be Like Arnold – New American Icon

Arnold Schwarzenegger knows a thing ‘er two about
how to focus his mind to create a result (a positive RESULT at that).

Starting with next to nothing, this body builder,
turned movie star, turned Governor is an American Icon for greatness.

And wether you support his political party or not – is not my topic
for discussion of this email today. Maybe another day.

Where did Arnold start in order to achieve this greatness.

In his mind.

Exercise and fitness were the early evidence of his power
within. Strong mind, strong body. He definitely had both.

I’m reminded of a chinese proverb, ‘Learn to command your mind
and you can command the universe.’

As a result his physical prowess lead to more success in
Hollywood. He has an interesting approach to exercise.

‘Lifting weights is only a physical follow through
to visualization. As long as the mind can envision the
fact that you can do something – you can. I visualize myself being
their already — having already achieved the goal.’
Ahhhnold Swartznegger

Most people think it takes tons of sweat to get the desired

As my coach in college said about success, ’90% of winning
is a result of the work you do from the eye brows up.’

To some, this might seem like work. To me,
I don’t sweat when I imagine success. So I exercise this success
function as often as I can- all day long.

Over the weekend, I announced a summer special- helping you drop
some poundage as summertime fun rolls around.

You can still visit and order this tremendous package for a short period of time.

After that, I’ll be raising the price but keeping the package in tact.
Congrats to those who already secured theirs. You are going to love
your new found energy and Arnold-like-Abs with your Magnificent Seven poster. Not to mention enjoying the envy
of friends and family.

My students love this form of visualization because it gives them a starting
point to ship off from on the speedboat of success.

‘Hi Vince.
I’ve enjoyed getting your emails and newsletters a lot…
I have found that pictures, especially the
more detailed ones can affect our outcome,
for example, I have a picture of the skeletal frame of a
very overweight person, and next to that, a picture of a
normal skeletal frame, and have found that looking
at that picture helps me control my eating, and I don’t
overeat as much, thereby lose weight.
Thank you’
-Patty Schwartz

VP’s response:
Patty, keep up the good work. Now begin coloring away the
unwanted fat before or after you exercise on these pictures.
As I have you do on your Goal Tracker. Also, take a photo yourself
and hang it next to the
comic like super human body illustration in your Goal Chart.

This will take the result you are getting and add
rocket fuel to it. Achieving success quicker and easier.

All for now.

Conceive, Believe, Achieve,

Vince Palko

Ps. Sorry to those who have requested my time on
the phone as of late. I don’t take personal calls – yetanyway.
Hence, the reason I don’t have a direct line listed on any of my websites.
This allows me to do what I preach day in and day out – FOCUS.
I’m in the process of structure a coaching system or as they say
in corporate ‘hoity-toity’ America – consulting structure.
Once this is done, I’ll give you the
appropriate process to get in touch with me.

Pps. Please don’t call my number unless you are placing an
order or have questions on existing products.

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