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How to Build Rome in a Day

Have you ever been to Rome.

If so, you know how amazing this city really is.
Walking down solid cobble stone streets looking up
at majestic architecture world renowned landmarks and
fountains takes your breath away.

Seeing fragments from the Forum that was built in
80 AD astonishes you. Or the Coliseum
constructed in the same year – where gladiators battled giant beasts. Very cool.
If my history class serves me correct… thats 80 years after Christ.

That be a looong time ago.

And to think all this was created before any modern
advances has you shaking your head in wonder.

They might have NOT had technology. They DID have time though.
And took there time to construct this – they did.

And sometime between then and now, some
genius came up with the phrase… Rome Wasnt Built in a Day.
This is in reference to taking steady progress to complete any task.

When it comes to fitness, there IS a way to build Rome in a day.
One way is if you are in the cheater league.

The “cheater league” is a league
of body enhancement, steroid, unnatural pill-poppin,
shake enhancement — taking people.
The average Joe who wants nothing more to
see his veins pop in his guns and his butt stick out like a shelf.
Or the ego driven professional who wants to play
one more season … just to feel the glory of hearing
80 thousand fans scream his name.

For the rest of us. We know that Rome Was NOT Built in a Day.

As a young college athlete, I made a pack with myself I’d play in the NFL.

I also made a pack to NOT use any new age Roidal substances to get there.
If you believe there are no such substances in the league.
Take a gander at some of the players arms and legs. Wowsers.
Just know there are drugs to cover up the drugs
in dope tests. Believe you me. And in about 3 years you can bet you will
be seeing a story of someone who is playing right now on 60 minutes.

Even at a young age my mission was to live a looong healthy life.
This outweighed any dream
to get in the league as passionate as I was. I could clearly
my future unfolding running round with my children
having kid-like energy. And ROIDS were a never an option.

So could I have used an extra step in my 40. Yes.

Could I have used a bit more bulk to take on the
hugundous folks in front of me. Yes.

But I never did.

And instead of playing in the NFL, I got a shot over in Europe and had the time of
my life. HAve made lifelong friends from the motherland.

Got to see the world. Got to experience and learn a new culture.

All things I never had on my radar screen. Yet, still experienced.

My point is this.

You may get frustrated when you see others that are stronger than you.

Bigger, bulkier… More slender and so on.. Everyone has a different idea
for what perfect is.

Know that doing something today even for 10 minutes is better than sitting
on your couch. This approach is better than any drug, enhancer or protein shake.
This approach will give you faster results in a month and without any effects on your winky.

These cheaters will pay the price one day. All the ball players who used ephedra
and passed away are good examples — one I was a fan of growing up
Mr Lyle Alzado of the Browns (in the 80s) is no longer here. How sad. And countless other folks who used have passed onto this world.
All from these wonderful GIVE IT TO ME NOW enhancers.

For now, spend 10 minutes or more a day and take small steps
to a fitter you. Grab my course
that gives you 8 different exercise cards to burn fat with.

Just like those Romans… take steady progress towards
building back up your temple. And yes your body is a temple.
Treat it as such.

Again, take short quick chips at your fat. And watch it fall away
over the long haul. Which wont seem so long looking back.

And when you hold your jump rope in your hands, it will be like meeting an old friend. My mission is to re-introduce you to something you may have used a long time ago to get fit as a fiddle – NOW. Go to the Linebacker Fitness promo page
Out with the fat and in with the fit, my friend.

Lets get after it!

Vincent Palko

Ps. On another note … meet with me each month and
let me download into your brain
all my success knowledge gained through the years.
You can do so by heading over to my Rocket Ride Success Club.

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