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How to Build Strength From the Inside Out

George Washington lied to his dad when he cut down
his apple tree. Well, I must confess I did it too. I cut down
a tree practically in the middle of the night.

The clock just struck 11:25 pm a few minutes ago on Halloween
and I just got back from my neighborhood workout/prowl.
I’m still hot and sweaty.

Had a hunch I would find some teenage punks trying to
smash some pumpkins.

I was wrong. No one was out and about but me.
Guesss that makes me a young punk.

As I walked back up to my house I did see something
that caught my eye out of my periphery.

It was the tree we planted some
5 years ago. The same tree Cheri wanted
to plant smack dab in the middle of our front lawn.

The same tree placement I vehemently said, “NO” to.

By no means do I mean disrespect to Cheri. We’ve laughed
about this since its been there.

But hey you gotta give a little in relationships. Right.

Wrong. From day one I didnt like it being there.
And no offense to you non-artist types but most designers
know you dont place an object directly in the middle of a composition.

This is a design 101 no-no.

But hey what do i know.

So the tree gets planted equidistance from every edge line.

Ever since that tree was planted
it was struck by lightning TWICE in the course of 5 years.

Is that just a Kawink-ee-dink? I dont think so baby.

I didnt realize this until early this spring when I found myself pruning
the branches from the last blitz (German for lightning).
… thinkin to myself, this is the second time
I’ve dont this at the same location.

Not good.

So tonight at approximately 11:15 I took an ax to it.
It had to go.

Now for all you tree hugger, granola types — keep your pants on. I will replace
that tree with another sapling somewhere else in the yard.

So on to my discovery.

As I get halfway through chopping the tree down – I find
the core is all dead wood. It brought new meaning
to the phrase cut out all the dead wood in your life.
The tree would have practically
fallen over in another 6 months if I had let it go.

Huh, imagine that. Gut instinct that something was wrong with it- was right.

But if you were to snap a picture before I cut it down.
I was leaning against my ax. Thinking to myself.

Do I do it.

Do I do it now.

Do I do it with an ax. Or chainsaw.

All these thoughts flashed through my mind.

At one point my neighbor Scott, who often smokes this time
of night, came out.

He didnt know what to think or say for the first time
since I’ve known him. Think of this. On Halloween night
his crazy neighbor, ax in hand, is chopping down
a young tree in his front yard.

“You okay Vince.”

“Oh yeah.”

Besides the fact it was a great capper on
a fantastic workout … it just had to be done.

And am glad I took action now rather than waiting.

I felt a rush of new energy pouring into my veins.

Like a monkey has been lifted off my back.

Most people “hmm and haw” over
minor things. But the successful types are the ones
who take action immediately. When they have a strong
hunch or urge they go for it.

They dont wait around for tomorrow to come.

So if you are ready to let the real you out. The fit
and healthy you. What better place to start than
focusing on your core.

Just like that tree, if your core is strong
the rest of your body will be strong and healthy.

Yet, if its weak and frail and rotten -
how will the rest of your body will be.
You guessed it. Not good brother.

What better course to start off with than my good friend,
Eddie Baran’s, Gymnastic Abs program.

You can mix and match just a few of his many ab exercises
included in his program. Just like I
have done. When you begin flexing your abs
the way Eddie teaches you, your
body will become strong from the inside – out.

And you’ll be surprised how fast you notice a change.

Let me just say, if you think its another
one of those bogus infomercials plastic ab-er-sizer-do-hickey thingies… think again.

You can see the results that are waiting for you
when you look at this page. Check out Eddies
brother before and after pictures. This is real. This is not a Photoshop
Job like half the info-mercials pictures displayed when they run a 2 hour segment.

Or the photoshop jobs put in those fitness magazines. What a crock.
You cant dupe this former Photoshop arteest.

Bottom line: This is whats waiting for you if you simply take action
to improve your health.

Go for it.

Vincent Palko

Ps. Again that link is …

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