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How to Cure the Late Habit

Back in the early winter of 1990 my roommate, Dave,
and I left our dorm for our first off-season strength training
session. We showed up 4 minutes late.

Our strength coach, Joey Batson – stood talking to some
other players about 20 yards away -looked up when we walked in.

Joey was the person that I first learned some of
the exercises taught in the Cardio Blitz Package.

He left my second year there to be Clemson’s
strength coach
and still is to this day.
In the NCAA, he is regarded as one of the nation’s
top strength and conditioning coaches.

One of my memories of Joey was that first day in the training facility.

Dave and I didnt think much of being late.

We walked over to the board where upperclassmen
were huddled making mental notes of what the
days workout entailed.

Dave and I began our workouts. We had played ball
together since CYO league in grades school. We split and went to different high schools and it so happened we united again in college. So training together was like training with your brother.

As we were learning the “hang clean” exercise for the first time,
Joey, appeared out of nowhere. Joey was a blonde, thick strong man with forearms like Popeye. He said in a soft southern draw,
“You two see me after your workouts.”

We looked at each other and thought, “Oh schisse.”

While finishing up we noticed Joey cracking
the whip with one player. George Johnson was doing minute
sprints on the stationary cycle. He looked spent
peddling a 1 minute all-out-sprint then a 30 second coast. This for 45 minutes straight over and over. And this was following an intense college weight workout.

The same college workout that comes as
a bonus in the Cardio Blitz Package.

Anyway, someone shared with us that
George was late too. Uhh oh.

We wrapped up our workouts and walked towards Joey.
Once close, he said in calm cool voice, “We are going to run
you two a little extra for being late. This usually cures the late
habit for newbies. You can choose the stationary bike or the
stadium stairs. Which will it be?”

We both agreed fresh air might be better. And being that we
saw what George had just been through – we chose the stairs.

Joey ran us ragged. Our stadium had 113 steps all the way up.
He had us run up and down those 12 times.
We counted well over a thousand steps after a grueling weight workout.

Upon finishing Dave let out a little burp.

Walking back over the large soccer field to our dorms
Dave and I heaved our guts out.

And yes if you are wondering, we were never late to
any practice or drill – ever again.

If you want people to be on time in your organization
or family — you have to implement the “Cure for the Late Habit.”

Time is a precious thing and can never be wasted.

Nip it in the bud the first time – just like Joey did.

All for now.

Let’s get after it,

Vincent Palko

P.S. To learn the 18 minute Cardio Blitz - passed down from the top
NCAA strength and conditioning coach – visit click the link above.
These are perfect for someone who needs more than a walk to accelerate their internal fat-combusting engine.

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