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How to Draw Success to You

Over the course of my life, I can’t tell you how
many times I’ve heard “Wow, you’re an artist. I wish I could draw.”

Truth is, everyone is born an artist… over time we just
forget how to do it. Or the rust accumulates so much that
we don’t know where to begin.

I’m willing to bet you grew up coloring with crayons
or working with paints. If you doubt me, just look at what
kindergarteners are taking for classes —

- Finger Painting Extraordinaire 101
- Construction Paper Cut Out Mastery 205
- Creative Crayon Creations 202
and finally,
- Gunky Glued Objects Glory 108

Somewhere along the way though, you stopped doing it – for whatever reason.
And perhaps at the same time, you lost a bit of your childhood wonder
and optimism.

Kids are born with 100% creativity. It runs through their veins.
But slowly over time, they lose large percentages of this.
By the time they are teenagers they have 50% or less.
A number of factors impact this–parents, peers, and other outside influences squelch the creativity out of them.

When you look at a child, these little creatures are just SO happy. The reason
why is simply because these creatures CREATE. Create they do, everyday.

My oldest can while away the hours, not noticing
where the time goes. And that state of mind is what you need to have
when you are attracting success into your life. The belief
that anything is possible. The sense that time doesn’t matter.

Back in college, I had one professor who had a very sound approach to teaching – far better than any of the other jokers in that school.
He was my sculpture teacher, Sean Morin. He drilled us, with
the confidence and swagger of most championship coaches.
Yet he was an artist and a damn good one.

I remember working on my first project, chipping away at my sculpture.
I was frustrated because what I was creating wasn’t turning
out exactly as I’d drawn it on my sketch pad.

We were asked to sketch the object that we saw in our mind – the
piece we wanted to create from stone. First though, it had to be drawn on paper from three different angles.
This is pretty tough to do when you have never even
seen what you are about to create before.

So at one point, I got frustrated with my piece, set the chisel down and went to talk to Sean.

“Vince let’s see your pre-sketches … Okay, these are great.”

But the next thing he said changed my life forever.
“Vince, as long as you can put thought to paper in the form of a TWO dimensional drawing, you can bring it to life in the form of a three dimensional object.”

With that new found reinforcement and encouragement,
I went on to create exactly what I saw in my mind.

It was one of those orgasmic creative moments – where I stepped back and
said, “Whoa.”

That instruction not only enhanced my sculpting abilities -it also
impacted my athletic performance. I applied that phrase
toward drawing images of athletic success, such as goal pictures, and watched how
real life followed my own blue print – first drawn on canvas.

It became my springboard for even greater success later in life.

By now you may be wondering, “So what, Vincent.
I can’t even draw a stick figure. What does this have to do with me.”

That’s why I’ve decided that in this club, there will be a special section
just for drawing instruction: little bite-size chunks to get
your drawing back up to speed.

I’ve met several clients who shared that they’ve
bought books on how to draw cartoons or comics.

Well, in this club you will get drawing tips and techniques
that work even if you can’t draw a squiggly line.
Learning to draw is important for 7 reasons.

- You’ll have a new talent to impress friends and family.
- You can spark your creativity more easily.
- You’ll be developing a new skill – new skills bring new awareness.
- You will open neurological pathways within the brain that have lain dormant …just like when people learn a foreign language.
- You’ll have a 30,000 foot unobstructed view of the path to your future success – not the day to day grind, where you see only the obstacles.
- You will instantly become the creator of your world – not a whiner or complainer.
- You’ll draw success to you more easily by commanding your subconscious with mini blue prints (instructions) of how you want your future to unfold.

This last point is the most important one, because we all think in pictures.
But when you draw in pictures, you bypass the conscious
mind (that tends to hold you back) and speak directly to your subconscious.
That’s where all the magic happens.

Words, affirmations, visualizations and meditations are all terrific
forms of personal development … yet, don’t overlook the power of pictures and how they can change your future.

I look forward to teaching those of you who have alrea dy signed up
how to begin the art of drawing – no matter what age you are.

So if you’ve always wanted to learn
how to draw AGAIN, now’s your chance
to finally do it. No time like the present to start learning a hobby that can
draw success into your life.

And if you really can’t even draw a stick figure … no worries, we will cover
that in some of the upcoming lessons.

What is this investment worth to you? We’re talking about what would typically add up to over 40,000 hours (with all the instruction
and application time one spends over the course of a lifetime) all boiled down for
you in simple, easy to understand instructions.

You’ll be amazed when I reintroduce you to that long buried talent of yours, just waiting
to burst onto the scene. Will you be da Vinci in a month? No, and yet
you will find you have a new tool to use in many, many places: at home playing with your children, watching their eyes turn to saucers… in front of your business associates when you lay out a new idea on the whiteboard… sitting
with your mate waiting for dinner to arrive, showing off your new skills …
and lastly, making that sales presentation come alive with visual
flair, a skill that few other salespeople have.

When you combine your newly discovered drawing skill
with the knowledge that you have the power to bring ANYTHING to life
that lies in your mind – you’ll no longer be expressing yourself with mere wishes to the world. Now you’ll be making COMMANDS to the universe.

And they’ll hear you roar …as your Rocket takes off.

But you have to step up to the plate. Step up and I will take it from there.

Step up to the plate and swing away.
You can do so now by clicking this link.

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