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How to Eliminate Sadness and Grief

Okay, so here is the secret I never wanted to share.

Its been written for a while now … in my mind.
This is atypical for a guy who wears his
heart on his sleeve — or at least used to.

I never wanted to share it with you for a couple of
reasons that we’ll get to.

Let me catch you up to speed first.

Back in April of this year, Cheri and I decided to
split up. She had movers come in and clean house.

The details about how and what went wrong are not for
this email. My intent is to show you that
I am weaving my way through something never taught
in school. Something that has bounced me around
(like a pinball) worse than playing against the 6’6″ 350lb
Corey Stringer and the Ohio State Buckeyes back in ’92.

Something 50% of marriages have to deal with.

Something that has challenged my mental toughness
to no end and continues to do so.

I’ll never forget laying on the living room floor looking
up at the ceiling surrounded by silence – tears streaming down my face.




And about a thousand other emotions
running through my head.

House completely devoid of any furniture
and noise for that matter.

The silence.

Oh, the sweet silence.

The silence that I escaped to the latrine for
to just have 5 minutes alone after a full day of work.
The silence that I thought would be so nice to
have in my house — became my enemy.

It was deafening.

Imagine this, 3 girls all under the age of 5 – poof — gone — zappo.

No screaming.

No laughing.

No crying.

No “Daddy, Daddy” from 3 little mouths when I walked into the house.

No nuthing.

Its a haunting feeling that returns as I write this email.

Not to mention all the other new challenges set before

Maybe pride kept me from sharing this.

Maybe it was my judgement of Howard Stern (not that Im like the man in any way shape or form) and what he went through with his wife. Hearing him whine on the radio to his audience about his poor state of affairs — turned me off.

Like a wounded puppy dog he was.

Yipe, yipe, yipe.

“Hey man, you can throw bologna at strippers day after day and expect
your wife to stick with you.” I remember thinking this at teh time.
Something had to give.

So why now. Why share this after all this time. Especially when I write about personal stories day in and day out. Believe you me, it was challenging to not blurt out in the 6 months I’ve held it in. And I had easy material to write about ridin the roller coaster of emotions in those early months.

Is NOT because I am looking for sympathy or pity. Am long past that phase.
I realize I am responsible for what situation that I find myself in.

The reason hit me when I was on a call with a good friend who is my coach. He helped me see something: by acknowledging — WHAT IS — provides healing and allows you to move on.

In some small way, by writing to you, I acknowledge WHAT IS and take responsibility.

But more importantly — that exact moment my coach shared that – I
realized something else. There could be others out there in the same
seemingly helpless spot I was. People feeling like there is no place to turn.

Maybe someone has lost a loved one.

Maybe someone has lost a job.

Maybe someone is facing a serious life changing disease.

Maybe someone ended a long-term relationship.

Something that caused you sadness and grief.

Whatever it might be. I wanted to be there for you to step in and say.
“Hey man (woman), you CAN and WILL get through it.”
You are not alone.

And it took me venturing through a dark grove of trees on my own
to realize this.

Another person I have the utmost respect for, Jim,
shared something comforting (and challenging) to hear a few months back.
He told me, “Vince, everything that happens to us in life is perfect for
our development.”

“The same is true for your kids,” he said.

And there is a ton of truth to this.

This coming from a guy who laughs looking back at his
kidney collapsing, learning from it and moving on.

Sometimes when you are in this state, it feels as if there
is no place to turn.

Well, for me, Dr. Woody’s new course Recharging Qi Gong
has been a comforting place to return to. And heal from. Time after time.

The series of exercises moved the sadness and
grief right out of my system like a cruise ship leaving New York harbor.

“Toot, toot” and gone it would be.

And that is how it should be.

Sure everyday brings new challenges. But
storing negative feelings of guilt, shame and remorse
do you no good. And most people do this over a lifetime.

So many people hold the negative feelings and emotions.
Similar to me before I got this course.
And that is the absolute worst thing you can do.
That approach is a seedbed for disease and an unhealthy life.

Am I out of this completely. No, yet, I feel much more at peace
with myself and the situation in general. It gives me a clear mind
to focus myself during the day.

By doing the Recharging Qi Gong exercises,
Dr Woody shows you what organs store certain emotions.
And he shows you how to release them – both physically and mentally.

Every time I finish this 20 minute segment – I have a light sweat going
and a renewed sense of hope and opportunity to begin a new.
That what ever I face right now is not as bad as I thought
when I first started.

After all, my situation could be worse.
I could be Paul McCartney – parting with milliunz.
Or better yet Michael Vick. Right?

No thanks.

Back to the program. I;ve found the best time to spend time with
Woody is in the morn to start the day fresh.
Your radar screen cleared for take off.

Your day is guaranteed to be positive and upbeat.

Find ways to release the negative pressure valve.
And this program is one of a few tools to get the job done.

Your new life starts NOW. Take the first step by clicking this link …

Unleash a New You,

Vince Palko

Ps. Also, what amount of money would you pay to find a way to
keep you growing younger everyday. The proof is meeting
the soon to be 64 year-young man who created Recharging Qi Gong.
The investment in his fountain of youth course is a mere pittance
compared to the value you will receive in return.

Pss. I talked to Woody yesterday and although many have bought,
they do in fact have 47 sets left.
But do NOT wait any longer to grab yours — these continue to move off the shelf.

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