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How to Eliminate Stress in 20 Minutes

I remember 7 years ago when I left the corporate world to join a “start-up.”

At the time I thought it was very stressful. I went from a structured day
to freedom. But that wasn’t what was stressful.

The challenge was to go 6 months
without pay to earn my “sweat equity” in the business.

Now I love taking risks, but this pushed me
to a whole new level. Especially, being newly married–
I had someone else to think about besides myself.

Not knowing what would happen with the business
was challenging. But I recall many times what got me
out of the funk was tying up the laces and grabbing
the jump rope and start hopping.

Point is you can exercise the stress and anxiety away
instantly; with the sweeping movement of the arms and
hopping motion of the legs.

Stress often times creeps up on you and you dont even
know you are stressed.

It causes you to over eat.

It causes you to breathe shallow.

It causes you to walk around tense and uptight.

It inflicts damage on your nerves – (dont believe me,
go ask someone who’s had shingles.)

Shingles is where the nerve endings flair up to the point
to where you develop a rash like
abrasion on the surface of the skin.

And its all caused by Mr and Mrs Stress. And their
relative Uncle No Sleep.

Not fun.

The key in all this is to take time – minimal time — for yourself
to exercise and meditate. Some fitness guruks suggests doing
these separate.

I combine them.

In my latest course Linebacker Fitness, while skipping rope I can imagine that
with each twirl of the rope I’m shaving off a layer of
fat, frustration or whatever I choose to imagine.

Then I can do my secret dream catching exercise I teach
in the course as a bonus
and later watch it actually come true in the physical world.

When you witness your dreams unfolding before you,
you feel as if you can conquer the world
and any Roman army that stands in your way.

Now go out and get it DONE!

Unleash You,

Vince Palko

Ps. This summer is going to be filled with many new products
and gadgets to get you fit mentally, physically, and financially.
So hold onto your hats, my “digga.” (That’s German for “friend.”)

Pps. To see the Palkster in action in his latest Triathlon visit the Blog.

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