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How to Handle the Bitch Birds

Well, we are just a few short days away from Christmas and not a snowflake has fallen here in the Northwest corner of Ohio. I heard Denver is the opposite with four feet of snow.

Not only have we not had snow, but we’ve had unseasonably warm temps the last few weeks.

Holding back her fury of white fluffy flakes, it seems Mother Nature
has helped bring out strange and peculiar birds.

I call them the Bitch Birds. And they are out in droves.

Was working with a group of people the other day. And in passing one gentleman mentioned, “Man there is no snow yet and Christmas is just a few days away.”

“Its going to be a green Christmas,” he continued.


As if the world was going to turn upside down and inside out because no snow was falling.

I couldn’t help myself. After sitting there listening to this go on I finally blurted out, “Bitch, bitch bitch, people round here bitch if its too cold and apparently now they bitch ’cause its too warm.”

Got some grumbles from the other side of the room.

It left me thinking there will always be someone to complain about something.

Now, I’m not normally one to bitch back at a bitcher. I usually mind my own business or sit passively participating in a conversation like this. What the weather is doing is not one of my more passionate discussions.

Truth is, when you are moving in the direction of your goals, the weather in general is NOT important. Or at the very least you dont allow it to bring you down. This same guy created an animation of snow falling and dispayed on his computer to look at from time to time. Too funny. Maybe Denver would be a better place to call home.

The best way I know to handle these particular birds is to get out and exercise. Especially using a workout like Linebacker Fitness where you can hit it quickly and be done. These exercises are great during the holidays because they are fast and effective. If you are like most, you’ll have tons of stops to make most likely be on the road. So you’ll need a system you can take with you and perform just about anywhere.

Exercise will strengthen the layer separating you from the Bitch Birds. This will keep their voices to a low whisper just like those car commercials that allow you to hear loud noises going on around the vehicle and when the door closes, all noise STOPS.

Dont allow these people to sway your focus and get caught up in a coversation about things you cannot control. Focus on those things you CAN impact – like your health and fitness.

You can visualize the same thing and go on your merry way.
I created a Success Visual to assist you here.


Vince Palko

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