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How to Improve Your Speed and Endurance

Today I am going to pull a letter from the Triple Your Endurance
mailbag and answer a question I get asked quite often.

It could be written by anyone who races marathons or Tri’s.

“Dear Vince,
I wanted to get your advice on my workouts. I just started my
marathon training again and I want to increase my speed.
In the past when I was training I would cut out strength training
to give my legs a rest. I would run, do pilates & a little yoga.
Do you have any advice for me?”

First let me start off by saying, many people
will tell you to focus on “pavement time.”  That is,
making sure to get your runs in.

Yes, this is only part true.

Dont forget about building your muscular endurance.
This is a third of the equation to running a successful LD race,
which goes against what most the drivel out there says.

Muscular endurance is one of the pillars to competing well.
Dont skip the strength building exercises.
For both great muscle building and endurance exercises
check out this fitness poster resource.
Muscular endurance leads to a good push in the “4th quarter”
or latter part of the race.

So if you are going to rest anywhere take out some
of the runs during the week- and weave more muscular
training in.  And make sure you get the long runs on the weekend.

The other 2/3 to great racing has to do with your breathing.
This is another piece of instruction different from all the content
on the net when it comes to LD races.

I was at a recent fitness seminar where
Sakai Yusai, an 81 year-old Tendai monk living in Japan told
a story about running 1,000 marathons in 7 years.
Afterwards, he wasnt satisfied so he did it again and
ran 1,000 marathons in 6 years.  And at age 61 mind you.

When asked what was the key to him running all those.
Do you want to know what his answer was.

It wasnt “pavement time”.

It wasnt eating enough carbs and worrying about nutrition.

It wasnt balancing his short runs with long runs.

It WAS his breathing – he said.

Bottom line, focus on your breathing when you run.
Get into a rhythm and watch how the pain vanishes and
the cramps cease.  You can go into a hypnotic trance
and seem to run forever.

In my course called, Triple Your Endurance, I teach you how to
breathe to ramp up your endurance.

Most people have not mastered how to breathe in
simple day to day living… let alone in their training.

If you get your breathing down, there is no hill to steep
to climb in your mind or on earth.

Now you maybe thinking, breathing.  “Yeah, I know how to do it…
thanks for the tip, Vince.”

But you dont I assure you.  Or you will try it and
forget 2 minutes later you are even doing anything. Two minutes
is probably pushing it – I’d venture to say a minute later – you’d forget.

And in forgetting – you dont reap the benefits of your breath
wiping out the lactic acid from your muscles.

Yes, its true.

To find out more, pick up Triple Your Endurance.
This program instructs you on the proper way to breathe
so you don’t hyperventilate or harm your stride in any way.
It also teaches how to keep your mind focused on your breath
so it serves you the entire race.

Alrighty, now go out and get it done,

Vincent Palko

P.S. That page again is … Triple Your Endurance.

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