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How to Annihilate Childhood Obesity

This morning my daughters and
I enjoyed a nice game of Smear the Queer
on the front lawn.

Yes, its not the most political way to start an email.

But I didn’t make the name up. Twas a household neighborhood
game way bak when.

If you dont know what this game is,
it basically goes like this.
You hand someone a football and
he runs away from everyone playing.
This ball carrier, however, doesnt run
to an end zone. He/she simply avoids
everyone trying to tackle them.

Ultimately, the runner goes down in a cloud of dust.
Although there were a few face plants
in the turf today, uplifting giggles and laughter filled the air.

Every parent on this planet has a responsibility
and that is this.  You owe it to your kids
to associate movement with fun. Not necessarily fitness
at such young ages, just the act of moving their limbs
and fresh oxygen filling their lungs.

You want to improve the health of this
country.  You want to know what you
can do to help the system. You feel that you cant control
anything cause the government seems to be taking
over so many things.

This is the one thing you can control.
This for our future and the lives of our kids.

Pass on the fitness torch to them by spending time
doing activities together and have FUN. Tackling a toddler
on the turf is one of the best ways to transfer
the energy of love, laughter and toughness – all in one fell swoop.

My daughters always ask to wrestle, and I have yet
to turn them down no matter what i’m doing.

Even if you are not fit, do activities together
that get both of you moving – like walking for starters.


Vince Palko

P.S. I have other football related fun activities to get both
you and your kids fit.  Check em out here:

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