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How to Iron Out Your Wrinkles

The human body is truly an amazing thing.

You’ll hear this all the time. What I think is our ORGANS are the AMAZING parts. And their regenerative qualities are TRULY amazing.

Take the lungs of a smoker. In grade school science class, I recall
being shown picts of 2 tarnished black charbroiled steaks laying next to each other.

“This is what smoking does to your lungs,” Mrs. Yeager would say.

“Yet, if one stops smoking, the lungs repair themselves,” she continued.
“Your body regenerates itself when you take care of it.”

Then the next slide would pop up and show a lighter color set of lungs.

Lights go dark and another slide showing even more black vanishing.
And another, showing the lung progressively healing itself.

Until finally, the last slide lit up the screen with a new set of watermelon colored sparkly healthy lungs.


Another organ you can heal is your skin. Most dont think of your skin as such… but it is. Tis the largest organ on the body. I thought about the problem most people have with it drying out and wrinkling – making it age.

- Excessive sun time.

- Excessive alcohol consumption.

- Excessive coffee drinking.

- Excessive smoking.

- Excessive breads and pasta and little fruits and veggies.

- A combination of all the above.

All these habits listed above do nothing but suck water
from the internal organs. So the body has to go
to the outer organ — your skin. And begin pulling water from it. Hence, the agin process starts and dry prune like skin forms.

So the way to heal the body is to, yes, drink more water.

And for the longest time – I thought water was the only answer to a vibrant, healthier, younger you.

That was until I met my good friend Dr. Wu Dhi.

He showed me you have to heal the internal organs as well.
In a way, the organs have been damaged much like a smoker’s lungs.
And through certain exercises and meditations you can revitalize them.

His proof for me is his 65 year YOUNG body. And a face with virtually zero wrinkles.
That’s all I needed to see.

And when you move through these eastern exercises and practices on a daily basis, in essence you take an iron to a wrinkled shirt and smooth out all the creases on your face and neck.

Dr Wu has a wonderful course called Recharging Qi Gong
that will help you with this.
His course recharges the internal organs from the inside out, including the skin.
Leaving you with a healthier younger you.

After all, most people do NOT want to grow old and saggy.
They exercise to stay young and live longer. These are two of the
many benefits you receive when you invest in his course.

How many bazillions has Cher and the rest of Hollywood paid out to
high priced plastic surgeons to stay young and vibrant.

Its astronomical.

Dr Wu’s course is a mere pittance in comparison. And without ALL the underlying
emotional baggage that comes anytime you cut into the skin of your body.

And let’s say you are in your 40s or 50s and you begin today on Dr. Wu’s course.
How many years can you take off by starting now as apposed to two years from now. That number is up to you. Maybe you might hear from people you look 20 years younger than the last time I saw you. That would be nice. Wouldnt it. Its possible and happens all the time to people who make the intention to grow younger.

Be sure to jump at his current offer cause he shared it may be going up another
$50 very soon. I am just lookin out for you.


Vincent William Palko

Ps. My mother, who just turned 65, was in town visiting last weekend.
We popped in Dr. Wu’s course. She couldnt believe HE was HER age.
“He DOES NOT look 65,” she gasped.

I said,” Yeah ma, he tells me he gets looks from women half his age all the time
where he lives in Miami.”

“Wow, what’s the name of his website,” She asked.
So again, its … vibrant health.

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