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How to Lift Your Energy

cartoon energy

This morning I went for a walk.

As I got into it, I began to run. Then walk.
Then sprint. Then walk. Then run.
All the while I was taking in the clean fresh spring air.

Man, did it feel great to go outside and burn some energy.
I was cooped up in a hotel all weekend.

Before I knew it I was out of my development
and into an older section of the neighborhood.

As I passed one house, I got that feeling
you may experience from time to time. That feeling
of someone staring at you. I turned to look to my
right and my hunch was correct.

There on a large stump – 15 feet away – was an overweight man in
his early sixties raking leaves. But he had ran out
of gas. Our eyes met. And this is what I saw.
He looked almost exactly as I sketched above
with the large tree stump engulfed by his lower body.

I thought to myself whats with that unforgettable
look on his face. Perhaps he’s thinking, “Wow, look at
him go.” Or maybe, “Damn squirrelly guy with boat
loads of energy, I wish I had some extra juice to finish
this damn lawn. Should I ask him to help or at least
pull me up from my seat.”

I kept moving.

Who knows what was on the man’s mind.
All I know is I had to capture the funny expression on his
face. When I got home – I quickly sketched
this cartoon and posted it for you.

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Vincent Palko

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One Response to “How to Lift Your Energy”

  1. Daegan Smith Says:

    Love the sketch, and man you’re message was just in the knick of time. First off the photo is funny as heck and second it reminded me to just get out move. Physical activity dodeson’t need to be a complicated process.

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