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How to Make Anything Easy

It was 5 years ago next month
wherein I set out to achieve a goal
I wrote for myself.

I wanted to race a triathlon.

Never swimming more than 20 yards before, let alone
swimming competitively, one
could say I had my work cut out for me.

Cant ‘member much about
that day ‘cept being the last one
outta the lake on the swim leg.

I felt humiliated.

To have my kids cheering on
helped but it also added to the frustration.

They saw me gasping for breath shuffling out of the lake, LAST.

I raced after that a few times… but never felt
like swimming came easy.

I went through every excuse as to why I should never dip
my toes into the pool again.  “I’m too big to swim
well.”  In the movie, THE GUARDIAN, Kevin K’s character
refeferences “muscle doesnt float” when a fit student cant hang
with the group.  My next thought was, “See, how can I ever swim
if I am big and have muscles.”

Funny thing happens when you apply
patient persistence. Like a constant water drip
carving away a rock, you can make what was
once difficult, easy.

And this is where we message for today.

You may think your whole weight loss journey
is too difficult.  You may believe its outta reach
for you.  You may feel your genes hold you back.

Whatever that it that holds you back…can be overcome
with a little desire and a whole lot of practice.

I am living proof.

Make the mountain into a mole hill with your intense
desire to succeed. Roll the images of YOU
achieving greatness in your mind over and over again, my friend.

Apply this formula to anything that holds
you back. You’ll soon discover there is
no mountain is to tall to climb.

I look forward to hearing what mountain peak you reach.

Its only possible to fail, if you give up.

Live, breathe, enjoy,

Vince Palko

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