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How to Prevent Back Tweakage

Lets take a gander at the phrase “preventative maintenance.”

NO, I’m not talking about making sure your “Caddy”
has had its regular oil change and tune ups so it goes
the distance.

And NO I’m not talking about making sure your
lover is satisfied all the time before something gives
and it all goes to “hell in a hen basket.”

What I want to talk about is P.M. for your body, mind and soul.

Many people when they hear this phrase “preventative maintenance”
their eyes glass over. Ho hum. Me being one of them
(I prefer “keeping the engine warm.”)
Yet, to someone who has just tweaked their back
frustration, guilt and regret oozes from their pours.

Frustration and regret because they didnt keep their
engines WARM by staying in decent physical condition. I wont say
Tip-top shape because thats a stretch for most.

Talked with someone at a graduation party this past
weekend who did just that. He was on vacation all set to enjoy the
time off and went out for a run. First one in a long time and
WAMMMO. Threw his back.

He was laid up in bed for the rest of the week.

Now, this happens to many people, outta the blue, when
you least expect it. Some get it while working in the garden,
fixing a leaky faucet or simply playing with
their kids. For this gent, it ruined his vacation
where he spent more time visiting the Doc, than time relaxing
in his hammock.
Plus, he still has numbness in his leg and is worried if
when the feeling will return.

Point is, he wished he hadnt let his body sit for so long without
exercising. He knows that if he hadnt he most likely
would have enjoyed his week away. No action is the worst thing for
your body especially your back. If our Creator wanted us to sit as much as we do,
he would have shaped our bodies in the sitting position.

The second point is watch what exercise you do after sitting out
for so long. Running isnt the best option.

That is why doing a workout from Linebacker conditioning
works wonders:

* You’ll have zero pulled muscles
* You dont have to leave your house
* If you are starting out you can do as much or as little as you want- then build from there
* You wont jog 3 miles — overdo it — and feel like you have to overexert yourself to get back
* You’ll maximize your fat blasters in the least amount of time
* Mix it with body weight exercises and waive bye-bye to monthly gym payments forever

But beware there is a right way to jump and a wrong way.
Dont think you can just pick up a rope and start
hopping. People that jump the wrong way will wind up hurting themselves more
than helping. Check out DVD #1 to ensure proper form
on this exercise. Otherwise, you are on your own.

With that — lets keep that engine warm — free and clear of
the “service station.”

Unleash YOU,

Vince Palko

Ps. In case you were wondering about the delay in messages from last week.
I am transitioning into a full fledged ENTREPRENEUR and have much
to accomplish in the next couple weeks.
What does this mean to you… well, for one many more fitness and life enhancing courses in the coming months. So pin your ears back, set your hair on fire, and get ready for one helluva ride.

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