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How to Recover from a Set Back

A set back is not permission to SIT back.

Let me explain.

My one year-old daughter, Vivian, was out playing
with her sisters on the deck a few weeks ago.
I heard a glass-shattering-scream followed
by loud crying. And then it turned into whaling.

I was sitting down, ready to cut into my food
and immediately jumped up.

Next thing I see is Viv down on all fours with 5 bees buzzing
’round her. They were like bogies (planes) in attack mode.
She had walked next to a bee hive
and got tagged. And didnt know to get outta dodge.
She was helpless and vulnerable.

I ran over, grabbed her and booked into the house.

She rubbed her eyes and arms. Sobbing.
Three bee stings surfaced on her skin. One on her nose and the other two
on her arm.

Next mental thought… TAKE OUT THE WAFFLE SIZED BEE NEST under the wooden seat mounted on the deck. Typically, I dont like to kill things in nature.
I consider myself a peaceful gent.

But the bees had to go.

So after a trip to Lowes grabbing a huge bottle of Wasp spray,
I waited for early dusk — when activity was low.
My mission: eradicate the nest. Take out all enemy life forms.

I stood 5 feet away and blasted between the seem in the bench
and bees upon bees dropped from the nest.
Gone just like that.

Ahh, now we can go outside without a threat of more bee stings.

I came out a day later and noticed a couple of bees
back in the area. I said, “No more home their holmes.
Try somewhere else.”

Next day, still bees going back to the scene of the crime where I had
used my six-shooter wasp blaster.

What gives.

After dipping my head down below the bench I discovered
a Nickel sized honeycomb forming. And a bee atop doing
whatever he does to create it.

Now, isnt that something. That bench must be prime real estate for
those bees. And they didnt wait a week to begin rebuilding.
They started immediately. Almost the second the old one
came down, the new one went up.

How can you apply what the bees taught us in
this metaphor for life.

All of us have been knocked down in one form
or another.

Set off our rocker.

Those who can dust themselves off the quickest
and get back on that bike and ride are the ones who
will happier and more content with their lives.

And believe YOU ME I speak from experience.
I’ve been on both sides.

The ones who sit around lickin their wounds or picking
at problems never amount to much.

And those who sit around wallowing in self pity are not doing
themselves any good.

You have to stand up and move forward.

Exercise has always been an instrument to shake my
“feel bad” feelings from my body and get me back on
track. And believe me I have had tons of things lately
that could have brought me down… if I allowed ‘em to.

Those who are close to me, know what I’m talking about.

The exercises where you bounce around and up and down
work wonders to shake those feelings from your system.

That’s why Linebacker Fitness
works so well to reduce stress, worry and fear better
than any other exercise.

The hopping diverts your attention and flushes your system
from all forms of negativity.

Give it a shot.

If you are just starting out, no worries, just go for 5 minutes
and build from there. pretty soon you will be a hoppin for 20 minutes or more.

All for now. Over and out.

Private Palko signing off.


Vince Palko

Ps. In case you are wondering.
I will not take out the next one. Summer is almost thru
and I will live and let live the second time around.

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