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How to Stay Young

Went for a 2 hour blade this morning.

Typically, I exercise for a half hour. In case you are wondering, yes, I am ENJOYING fully playing (or working as some call it)on my own terms.

Bladed up the path that runs along my backyard to the University of Toledo-
12 miles round trip.

Must have been the first day of school, cause young kids were everywhere.

I got to the football stadium, stopped at the second level stands,
and exercised while the band played on the field.

Then I went outside the stadium and down
the stairs to get field level
to do some dips and pull ups.

While going down the stairs on blades
I managed to keep from falling on my keister.

One young college girl said as she passed, “Arent you nervous that
you are going to fall down.”


Got in the stadium and did several reps of dips and pull-ups.
On their hexagon like metal contraption.

While doing these – the marching band ROARED on.

What uplifting background music to pump to.

I stayed in that energy for about 25 minutes.
Sit-ups on the hot astro turf -
the whole nine yards.

On the way back up the stairs to get back on the path I saw two
Toledo football players walking down.

“Well, you gotta go faster than that,” one of the jokers said.

“Oh yeah, okay, thanks.” I said.

Then I quickly shot back, “Hey are you guys going to try and
beat Bowling Green [their arch rival] this year?”

Yes, I was in enemy territory.

“Every year.” private joker quipped.

Awesome, now I have some juice to share with
the boys down at BG.

Anywho, the energy on campus was electric.

They say if you need an idea for something, spend some time around a kid
and you can tap into the same limitless wonder they have.

I say in order to have young blood, spend time around
younger folks and draw their energy to you.
No, not like you are stealing it.

Simply swimming in it with them.

We live in an abundant universe that is overflowing with
everything we so desire.

You can have, do, or be anything you choose.

Unleash Your Endurance,

Vince Palko

Ps. Got another round of manuals in for the Linebacker Fitness course
and I’m sure these will go quick like the last ones did.
To secure yours NOW plus a box full of other stuff
that arrives at your doorstep, visit …

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