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How to Survive Drop Dead Exhaustion

There I sat on a warm stuffy plane leaving Blacksburg, Virginia heading back to Ohio.

My heart was racing – mind numb.

Every breath I took, seemed to seize my entire body.

Until a final breath and my mid-section clenched and I doubled over.

Gasp – Teht, teht.

Then someone handed me a handful of bananas to help with my cramping. I couldn’t eat.

I was simply spent. Had nothing left to give. You see, I ‘left it on the field’ as our coaches used to flog us with.

Though we lost the game, inside I felt like a winner. You’ll find out why in a bit.

So I gave it my all. There were some on the plane who were teary eyed. Not me. I knew I simply had nothing left to give.

Playing in the southern heat first game of the year at NC State was not what my teammates and I were used to. On top of that, the stadium was such that tall pines surrounded the entire structure – enclosing it trapping stagnant air in. It felt like you were playing in a hefty bag in 100 degree thick humid air.

In these conditions, it’s no reason why so many young kids keel over in exhaustion.

Flash to the film session the following Monday.

There were six of my defensive teammates that lost their starting positions. They were devastated.

Watching the film made it easy to see why.

The fellas that got canned looked as if they were running in glue – long lethargic movements.

Atypical compared to their normal quick bursts.

The eye in the sky didn’t lie.

For me, as I said, was pissed we lost but had a quiet feeling of relief. Relief knowing I didn’t give in to fatigue. Fatigue as Coach used to say “Makes cowards out of all of us.”

The training regime I followed the summer before camp was what I owed my performace and stamina to. It helped me be a step on everyone else when the humid air wanted to beat you down.

The gassy playing surface with white markings is much like the game of life.

There are some who move very slowly and lethargically. Others simply are full of vim and vigor ready for each challenge as it presents itself.

Which person are you.

The kind that folds under a bit of duress or the person who keeps marching forward no matter what the situation.

Typically, if your health and endurance is strong health wise, you have strong endurance to face any mental challenge and obstacle. Plus, your health will ultimately determine your future. How long you live or how soon you die.

You want a strong, healthy heart to pump plenty of blood to circulate throughout your entire body.

My course Triple Your Endurance has the tools, the tips, and the log book and an extra few Audio CDs to recover the endurance you once had and make it even stronger.

What my clients rave about is the simple easy structured 3E Generator designed to have you follow and track workouts for up to 12 weeks straight.

With spring right around the corner, you’ll want to have all the energy you need to go outside and enjoy your new-found health.

You won’t upset me by not taking advantage of this life changing system. It matters not, by your actions choose to join the new American class of Slugworths poppin’ up in every Cracker Barrel (and other restaurants for that matter) round the country. The choice is yours.

Endure like a Stallion,

Vince Palko

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