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How Your Nose Impacts High Energy

Do you know any friends or family with a big nose? Have you noticed anything different about them?

Was reading a book the other day and it said people with big noses have high energy levels.


Maybe thats the reason, I feel like I can go for hours and hours without feeling as though I’ve used up any energy. Plenty of oxygen passing through large openings to go to the right places.

However, I don’t believe a large schnooz-o-la is the only answer to increase your energy though. You need to know how to breathe.

Breathe. Everyone knows how to breathe.

Yeah right.

This is one of the most challenging things for your mind to focus on. Especially, while exercising. Unless you’ve worked on this for some time now. INSTEAD, people turn on their iPods to divert their minds from the workout. I promise though if these people would turn off their iPods they’d discover a way to be more creative, productive and enjoy extra free time because of it.

Was having a conversation the other day with a friend on the matter. He was sharing how, he likes to go for a bike ride whilst listening to music.

When I shared with him he can literally triple the distance he travels with no extra effort he was intrigued and all ears – Part nose.

I told him all he need do is to formulate his breath into a rhythm and practice it over and over again. The first couple of times it will feel ackward and uncomfortable but as he practices it more it will feel second nature each time he goes for a long jaunt either on his bike or on foot.

All the while, he will organize his day at the same time. His highest priorities will bubble to the surface and the other non important work will fall to the bottom.

Plus, he will feel more creative alive. Solving problems left and right. Again, just from allowing more oxygen to get to the brain.

He was game. Excited to give it a shot.

These are secrets to further your career, your business and your relationships. Give em a shot and start living today with more energy.

If you want more power packed electrifying information, double click this link to take you to the instant energizer.


Vince Palko

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