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Hydrotherapy Healing

One of my favorite maxims is …
“Its all a matter of the mind. If you dont mind. It dont matter.”

Now, I may NOT be “The World’s Most Perfectly Developed Man,”
- like Charles Atlas – but I do enjoy pushing and developing
my mental toughness.

First, a story to share.

Was on the phone yesterday with two good friends, Jeff and Ed.

They are both from Out West. Where the rattlers live.
We were kinda busting each others chops a bit before
the meat of our conversation began.

I told them it was a beautiful day here in Northwest Ohio.
We just got dumped on with about 7-10 inches of snow.

“Oh, that’s cool. I’m just sitting here in my shorts
and some flip-flops.” Jeff piped.

“Wow, sukks to be you, man.” I returned.

“Why do you say that,” he said.

“Well, you never get a chance to experience
all the great things about winter.”

“This morning I just had a high-powered
hydrotherapy healing meditation.
One where I ran NOT one step of a jog or sprint.
One where I lifted NO weights.
One where I didnt get on blades a bike a treadmill.
Yet, when I finished – it felt like I had and it was one of the most exhilarating feelings -ever. “

In college, hydrotherapy healed, ankle sprains in
a weeks time. Busted up knees where better in
a few weeks. Hurt wrists- took a day or two with a
good contrast whirlpool. Lower backs a week, maybe two.
All without drugs or pills to pop. The results were amazing.
Especially, when you saw guys who couldnt walk, get up and
on their feet in playing again in a couple weeks. The sprained knee
I got against those cheap shot artists up in Wisconsin (the Badgers)
healed in less than a 6 days. I played 93% the following week against NC State.

These are just a few of the benefits I and others received healing
ourselves in a sport where mini-car-wrecks are the norm.

And this is not the end of it. The Fins have used this type of
healing to ward off future attacks against disease and extend their lives.
This is my intent with it now as I have no aches, pains, bumps and bruises.
But what I practice can help with the those as well.

I reveal my secret form of meditation and exercise in this
months Success Rocket Ride Club. Make no mistake, you will be quite alarmed when you view portions of this DVD.

Also, you will enjoy watching as I test the limits of my
mental toughness on this DVD. This DVD, that comes as a bonus,
with this months newsletter will invite you into my world of strengthening
that 16 ounce sponge atop my head. And it will yours as well.
It will reveal a system that heals your body and extends your life.
So dont be left outside in the hot, hot desert. Or the cold, cold snow. Be sure
to jump on this one.

I ordered a limited number of DVDs so make sure to sign-up right NOW.
This membership is something that you can cancel at any time- so the risk is on me- NOT you.

Conceive, Believe, Achieve,

Vincent Palko

Ps. Again that link to grab this months BONUS is
The Success Rocket Ride Club link.

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