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I Already Know Everything- Dad

I’m sitting in the Detroit airport awaiting the arrival of my plane taking me to Tampa, Florida.

Some people just looked at me cause I laughed out loud thinking of something my 4 year-old, Sophia, told me the other day.

Getting ready for school one morning, I prepared to give Sophia a bit of advice about life and school.

Though my intentions were good, I’m not sure my point was well taken.

“Sophia,” I said, ready to deliver some inspiring words for the day, “learn one thing-just one thing, when you’re at school today and share it with me when we are
at dinner tonight.”

“One Thing – -pause – - But Dad, I already know EVERYTHING.”


Feeling a bit deflated I said, “Okay, well, have a good day then sweetheart.”

Four year-old’s are one thing when it comes to knowing everything. Adults are another thing.

I think as we grow we realize we don’t know everything. Those that pretend they do – are full of beans. We have to continually empty our cups in order to take more in.

Reading books, listening to tapes and viewing DVDs are awesome.

When you have the chance to hear it directly from source – take it. This super-cedes all other forms of learning.


You can tune into the energy of the teacher and learn so much more.

And that’s the main reason I’m headin to listen to Matt Furey speak at his Internet Millionaire SEMINAR.

I’m sure Matt will have new and important data on his latest and greatest strategies for internet success. And for Sophia’s sake, I’ll learn more than just one thing at my school – that I can share with her. Tons more.

I’m also lookin forward to meeting those of you
in my email community
that will be there. Also, there’s a powerful feeling
of being with other people. Sharing the same desires and dreams is like
running a marathon with thousands of other runners energized to cross the finish line.

Fun times will be had by all!

Gotta run or I’ll miss my flight,

Vince Palko

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