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I Practically Fainted

I just finished up a series of CPR and first
aid classes this last week.

If you want to know why, read some of my recent posts

I gotta hand it to ‘em

I have newfound respect for those people
who serve our communities;  fireman, police, and emergency medical professionals …
not too mention doctors and other medical related field

All I have to say is – hats off.

I wont get into all the graphic items discussed
in my class like what to do when … nope
I cant even write it … I’m about to eat lunch.

What these people experience on a daily
basis — I could not do.

I’m a big wimp when it comes to blood (unless its streaming
from my schnoz — thats second nature). I’m an even bigger wimp
when stories are told about past accidents
or pictures are shown.

Now when the instructor exposed us to this
information the other night — ten minutes later I
had to excuse myself. I walked out of the room to
get a drink of water and clear my head.  The instructor
was getting a little too carried away
sharing what he knew and saw before.
Being very visual I have a
tendency to see a scenario played out – so I have to erase
the images when they come in.. as I dont want
to keep my mind focused on these kinds of things.

Now these professionals keep
in excellent condition.  Cept some of the donut
eating cops.. but hey where would YOU go
to keep yourself awake from driving around town all night long.

For those that stay in good condition like many
of the fire fighters… I have something that
will keep you in even better condition without
taking all day to do so.  You can do it
outside the station waiting for your next
call or in an open room preferably with carpet
or a wood floor.

You’ll want to check out, Linebacker Fitness.

Thanks for all you do.

Vincent Palko

P.S. Many doctors I know are also is great condition …
keep up the good work!

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