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Ice, Ice, Baby

Yes, there is a miracle cure formula out there
that doesnt come in a bottle
or pill format.

I am sitting here icing my left ankle.
Tweaked it a couple of years ago while
jogging at night in the early spring.
The ground at the time was hard
as a rock.

Too many uneven sidewalks and peoples front yards
that I misjudged the surface level.

And as a result I beat the crap out of the
left ankle. And kept beating it trying to be tough.

From time to time it would go away, and then return.
Maybe you’ve had something similar.

You’ll hear some fitness freaks say,
“Yeah when I get injured I work through the
soreness and pain or a pull muscle–
whatever it might be”

Working through lactic acid build up is one thing.
But a nagging tweak or a pulled muscle is another.

Dont be dumb, like moi. Take some time to heal it.

Whenever I hear someone say, “yeah, my back is killin me.”


“My calf hurts.


“My shoulder is sore”

I always ask, “Have you iced it.”

Invariably the answer is no.

And now I’m heeding my own advice.

Reason its the first thing out of my mouth to people is: I’ve seen ice do some amazing things
to heal and recoup players in just a few days. In a few days that
would probably have them sideline for a couple years
if they didnt ice the injury down.

So “Ice, Ice, Baby” as the great Vanilla Ice once said. :)

For any kind of ouchy, owy or tweak. Never put heat on it until
its been iced for several days.

And if you have any kind of ankle tweak now or in the future.
The best way to ice it is go to Home Improvement Store USA
and grab one of those big buckets to fit a floor mop in.

My bucket is huge because I have size 12.5 water skis for feet.
The thing has wheels on it and everything. Great for mopping
and great for sopping the foot in ice.

After you’ve secured an industrial strength bucket,
then go and grab a couple of ice bags.

Ice for 15 minutes 3 to 4 times a day.

Your toes will feel like falling off but I guarantee the
ankle and overall foot will feel 100% after it thaws.

Okay gotta run, my foot is now turning BLUE!


Vince Palko

Ps. You bet I can still jump rope because if you do it
as I instruct its a low impact exercise, go here
now to read more

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