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I’ll Never Forget This

There are moments in your life
that leave a big impression on you.

I want to share a personal one.

I’ll never forget back in 1993 when I
was invited to a MAC banquet as Mid American
defensive player of the year.

I was excited about receiving the award….
even more excited about meeting the guest speaker.

This honorary guest coached my favorite team
growing up — the Cleveland Browns.
Sam Rutigliano led men like Brian Sipe,
Lyle Alzado, and Clay Matthews into many
playoffs and almost to the big dance.

Anyway, my linebacker coach at the time,
Bruce Cunningham knew coach from years past.
And we were invited to get a personal meeting with
him before the ceremony kicked off.

When I met Sam, I introduced myself and shook
his hand.  He looked me square in the eyes
and said, “Nice to meet you Vince.”

All three of us sat and talked for a good 20 minutes or so
before coach had to arrive at the head table.

He gave a great talk on success.

One of the most memorable things
about the night came afterwards.

After his talk, people swarmed coach asking for autographs
and chatting with him.  There was about 200-300 people
at this ceremony.

Once he was done talking, Bruce and I walked up to him
and said, “Goodbye.”

I shook his hand and he looked at me -
just like we were old pals – and said,
“It was good to meet you, Vince.”

Wow. He remembered my name after he met
with all those people, I thought.  I was shocked.

When you meet successful people there are key
ingredients that led to their success.

Some people think the key is to be articulate
and have a vast vocabulary.

The impression left on me after I spoke with coach
was something I’ll never forget.  Although
Sam was a gifted speaker, his memory is what
sticks out in my mind as why he became a success.

And I instantly wanted to improve my memory
and make it a point to remember peoples names.

Its funny the more successful people I meet,
I come to understand they have a memory like
a steel trap.  Nothing gets away from them it seems.

Now, some people will say, “I’m bad with names.”

Thats an excuse.

Get good with names.  And never affirm your weakness.
Strengthen your mental mind machine
and watch how your results in life grow exponentially.

There are still about 15 copies left from my interview with
the Memory Wizard, David Grumbles.

If you have been plagued with a bad memory, The Wiz
will show you a few tips to improve your memory – virtually overnight.

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Vince Palko

P.S. That link to check out again is …

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