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I’m On Call

Was laughing with a good friend
the other day when she asked
why I do all ‘this’ training.

“What are you training for,” she asked.

“I’m on call.”

“What do you mean by that,” she inquired.

Well, I want to be in shape when
I get the urge to do a race or if I get
a call from a friend who wants
to do some kind of fun sport or activity.

I also believe this year has a whole new energy to
it.  And I want to be on call for what may arise out of the blue.

I want to be the go to guy in
my family for having more energy
and enthusiasm to tackle
any challenge that lies ahead.

I want to be at the head of the pack, not behind.

I can remember a time when I wasn’t.

It was when I was caught off guard
when I got a call out of the blue
(in the off-season) from my strength coach my junior year
at BGSU.

“Vince, Jacksonville is here to test you
and some other Juniors in the forty yard dash.”

Oh shit I thought.

Where did that come from.  I havent even
been practicing that. And what if I run
a shitty time. What the hell do I do.
All these thoughts ran through my head.

I made some poor excuse and just took
the Wonderlick test.

Now, I had this goal to play in the NFL but
I wasnt prepared to deliver at a moments
notice.  That still haunts me to this day.

And they say you learn from your mistakes.

That was a BIGGIE that eventually did not allow
me to reach my goal.

So now I stay fit cause I like the energy and
wonderful upbeat feelings that stay with me
throughout the day.  AND…

I shoulda been a Marine.

Are you fit?

If yes, what do you stay fit for?
(And yes, I’d love to hear with a short post
on my blog.)

If no, when would be a good time to start ‘gettin’ after it?’

How about RIGHT now.

Here is a course that can help any beginner or
exercise stud improve their health… visit
Linebacker Fitness.

Go for it!

Vince Palko

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