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Instant Energy on Command

Do you touch yourself.

No, I am not talking about the Michael Myers prance in place while rubbing your nip-Piles, while that goofy song plays in the background.

I am talking about another form of touch.

One that will give you instant energy on COMMAND.

Back in college. One of the things I miss about
the weight room.. was not the weights.

It was the comradery with the other players as you prepared a lift.

And each player as they approached the racked 650lb
squat bar or more… would have three spotters. One on
either side of the bar. One right behind you.
Upon placing the belt, chalking up,
and getting mentally focused– one thing inevitably happened.

The other spotters and onlookers would proceed to whack
you on the back. The shoulders. The waist.


Then another hard one as you were looking forward.


And then another random — WHACK, WHACK.

Finally, you’d let out an AHHHHH!

And then ready to go.

Now, lets’ examine what was happening here.

Your body, was getting an overall energizing warm bath of whacks.

- This woke up your muscles. Made them stand at attention.
- This made you mentally alert and focused on the task.
- This stirred your adrenaline naturally.
- And lastly, this pop infused you with a bit the person’s energy giving you the blows.

Many a strength records were broken from this on our team.
Everyone was happy for each others success.

It got me thinking about how to recreate this even if your are exercising alone.

The best way to do it is by giving yourself a couple pops before
you start some pushups. Or squats or your jump rope.

This will enhance each and every routine – without a doubt.


So many gurus want to talk to you about improving your spiritual side or mental side.
Yet, they neglect to share how important it is to develop yourself in the physical sense-
not with exercise but with TOUCH.
The physical is equally important and paramount for personal growth.

Another nourishing form of touch is massage. This ancient form of healing that enables us
to open up our energetic pathways in order to receive unlimited energy from the universe.
I get these from time to time. But NEVER underestimate the power
of your OWN touch to your body.

Sound good.. Go ahead and give yourself a WHACK, wahck on the shoulders right now.
Ahh, aint life is good.

If you like that one… I have a plethora of other ideas and tools
to increase your energy in the program I developed called Triple Your Endurance.

If you race in marathons or triathlons… you will want to get your hands
on another program I have Triple Your Endurance for Triathletes … visit this page for more info, bro.

Okay, time to get after it.

Ciao for now,

Vincent Palko

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