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It’s a Matter of the Mind

Was at the store last night grabbing some SMALL toiletries
for a weekend trip to sunny Florida.

For the longest time when I’d travel … I kept forgetting nose
hair trimmers are considered
a weapon and Uncle Sam collects all bottles over a certain size.

So I had to restock because it seems I never have toothpaste
or a bottle of shaving cream once I hit my destination.

Anyway, before I even reached the counter to check out …
the clerk glares at me and says, “Do you know its 11 degrees out.”

“No I did NOT.” It honestly didnt feel cold out.

“That’s ridiculous” as she motions to my shorts underneath my winter coat.

“Not wearing pants in weather like this.”

The way she was reacting to me wearing shorts in winter was like I nabbed her first born from her.

One of my coaches had a saying and it went like this
“Its all a matter of the mind. If you dont mind, it dont matter.”

I like the cold. I like my legs getting a whiff of fresh air.
I dont mind. In fact, this time of year is when I take my
full body snow rolls — aka the Palko Polar Bear dives.
So snow and cold do not bother me. This has many healing benefits
people like my bro in Jacksonville never get to take advantage

So cold is all in your head.

Yet, some people chew up their own energy
letting you know how wrong you are. Or at least in their mind.

So I said, “It actually feels like 80 degrees out there.”

This only infuriated her.

“Yeah, right… pause .. You must think summer here is like living in the desert.”

As you flow through life there will be a critic round every corner.
Or someone who will want to drag you down
to their level to make themselves feel better.

Stand tall, puff your chest out, and smile.

And pay no mind to the useless drivel that exists in the world.


Vincent William Palko

Ps. Members are filling up my Success Club quickly …
and we have 57 bonus sets
still available. I have a special bonus on top of the bonuses
that I will announce soon. So stay tuned.

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