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Its Just Like Mixing Paint

I speeded the ‘ole Taurus on over to the
local hardware store this A.M.

All the sudden out of the blue the pealing paint
on my front porch railing
was screaming at me – to get ‘er done.

You see, a couple summers ago, one of the neighbor kids
set his blue popsicle down on our railing and revisited it later to find
it had vanished.

All over my front porch railing it melted.
The next year all the paint had pealed off that one
little section, the rest of the porch is fine. So its
now in dire need of a paint job.

The whole sugar thing deteriorating the exterior of
the house could be a topic for another day, but this morning
I want to share something cool as I was sitting waiting
for the lad to mix up a gallon up paint.

Electronics make it so machines can match the paint
in the store with the pealed paint chip I brought in.

So it knows what color to mix.

Thats not even the cool part.

The waaaay cool feature is the mixing process.  The attendant
went and grabbed a fresh gallon of white paint.

She set the pail under the computer table and hit a couple
of buttons.

Squirt, squirt, squirt – three too four tiny drops of red, brown
and black dropped into the bucket.

She lifted the can, sealed the lid and put it in
the mixer.  Just those few drops into the big gallon container
and voila – beige!

My point is … it only took a few colors to change the shade
from white to beige… yeah I am an artist – you would think
I should know this.

However, I was fascinated with the automaton process set in place.

On the ride home it got me thinking… achieving your fitness goals
is a lot like mixing a batch of paint.  You only need a few quick hits
of certain exercises a day to give your body what it needs to drop weight.

Let me say that again, a few minutes of focused rounds of activity directed at specific
body parts to  drop the desired
weight you want. Only a few minutes
given how many hours a day is.

Just like that gallon of white paint, it doesnt take much to
turn your day from a low vibration to an enthusiastic and
energy filled one. Not to mention being a few “L-Bees” lighter.

If you want assistance in understanding what I recommend
is the right amount of time and the exact exercise to use,
travel on over to … Linebacker Fitness.

or Super Body Blitz.

and grab these programs to change your body style
once and for all.

Go for it.

I’ll see you on the other side!

Ciao for now!

Vince Palko

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