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Jason Kidd is a Wuss

Had to laugh at something I saw on ESPN.

But then it got me thinking.

I heard that basketball star, Jason Kidd, sat out a game
last week cause get this … he had a headache.

This mind you, came from the team’s captain.

Wow. What a leader.

Try going 80 plays on the football field with a headache, pal.

I wonder what would happen if Mike Vrabel went to
Bill Belichick (head coach of the Pats)
and said, “Hey coach, cant go today.”

“No, Mike. Why not.”

“Gots a headache coach.”

Would NOT happen.

The sad thing is many youngsters pay close to a “C note” for
tix to see guys like Kidd play. And that night they didnt.
Performers in any sport or
HAVE to be on ALWAYS.
It comes with the job they signed up for.

I have a good friend who performs in Vegas and nearly broke his
hand before he went on stage one night. The show had to go on. And it did.
He went on to deliver a performance of a lifetime.
Now that’s some serious mental toughness and grit.

Might be time to put Kidd through a little linebacker routine
to toughen him up a bit.

He could run out and grab a one of a kind course called Linebacker Fitness NOW.

Now you might say, TOUGH, thats a macho thing. Not interested, Vince.

Why would you want to be tough.
Well, in life you will be asked
to play through the ouchies and owwies.

Playing through pain is one thing athletics has taught me.
And if you are living I am willing
to bet you have had to play through some kind of pain or challenge.
We all have… be it physical, mental, and/or emotional.

And most likely, the average Joe and Jane
has more than a simple headache to
play through going off to work everyday.

Time to put some rocks in your purse, Jason.


Vincent Palko

Ps. The bead on that course is here … side shuffle on over to
and grab it now.

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