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Juice It Up Baby

I’ll let you in on an inside joke.

Had an interesting first freshman football meeting back in college before the coaches came in to address us. The team I joined had several losing seasons before I got there. One Juko transfer (that’s junior college transfer) meat head player, who looked like a short Lou Ferrigno, stood up and say in his deap Brooklyn accent …

“In order to improve this year, we GOTTA Juice it UP – Baby.”

Everyone just looked around shakin’ their heads.

As we later found out, he was someone who “Looked like Tarzan but Played Like Jane”.

He was gone within a year.

Just got done whisking down a tall glass of juiced cucumbers, pears, kiwi then a separate glass of juiced carrots.

Hooooowww weeeee.

I feel like I’m buzzin from top to bottom – when I finish my workout, I’ll be a lightning rod.

Been juicing breakfast meals for the last five years – off and on. No, I’m not a hard core juice extremist – yet.

Until recently, I had a cheap Black and Decker. Now I have a super duper juicer monster machine. This thing will juice a hickory stump from the back yard if you wanted it to.

Why juice.

Besides the concentrated wonderful, alive vitamins and minerals you get from fresh veggies and fruits, it gives your stomach a break from digestion. It takes a lot of energy and stomach acid to break down chunks of food.

Since we’re all about giving you ways to increase your energy without working out any harder to get it, I thought I’d divulge some of my energizing secrets.

It’s good to give your tummy a rest every now and again. Plus, there are many cancer fighting agents in carrots. I don’t like sitting down and eating half a bag inside of an hour when I can juice ‘em and drink ‘em in about five minutes.

Lastly, the feeling of being energized lasts for a few days. I have been experimenting with it, as I I’ve said, and am loving the effects on my energy, my health and the glow around my face (that lasts as long as the carrot juices are in my digestive track).

It looks like I have a slight tan, without ever seeing the sun all winter being that I live in grey Ohio.

Some think you can’t replace a who meal with just one of these concoctions. O’ contare mon frair. Absolutely yes.

If you are someone who wants boundless energy levels without having to take energy pills with unknown ingredients inside, you’ll want to give this a shot.

You can study my other energizing tips in my amazing course Triple Your Endurance

All for now, gotta run.

Be a Stallion,

Vince Palko

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