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Keep Fluoride Out of Your Water

I’m pissed off.

Saw the dentist the other day, and he found a cavity.

I asked him how this could be, it’s the first cavity I’ve had in 15 years.

He asked if I do anything differently with tooth care these days.

Not a thing.

Well, do you drink bottled water.

Yep, and we have a whole house water filtration system.

Well, that could be your problem, your water filtration is taking out the fluoride. You might want to change that. You need fluoride in your water to build strong teeth.

Oh really.

So does the rest of your body need fluoride.

Welll Uhh.

The traces are so miniscule, it shouldn’t effect you.

Uhh huh.

I told him, I’d rather have NO fluoride in my body plus all the other harmful polutents than a cavity every fifteen years. If you don’t think there are harmful
pollutents in your water, then take a gander at your water bill this month and all the parts per million of rat turds and hair are in it. Along with many other nasty chemicals.

Know this, fluoride is just another chemical your body doesn’t need. So why put it in there. Did you know how it ended up in our water to begin with? One of the major
chemical companies back in the 40s had a byproduct of fluoride that they needed to ahh – make vanish. They pitched the government on dumping it in water systems to help with tooth care.

You can still keep the choppers strong by gargling with a fluoride rinse every night as I will do more of.

By the way, water is one of the key elements to Triple Your Endurance. Most don’t think of it as an energy boost, but as I instruct in my course it is that and then some. You can learn how it allows your body to go long and stronger by signing up for the course – Triple Your Endurance.

Keep the water in and the fluoride out.

Endure Like a Stallion,

Vince Palko

“The content of this email is not to be considered as medical advice.
The author of these emails presents this information for educational purposes only. No attempt is made to diagnose or prescribe, simply to inform. Always consult a physician before beginning or changing any current fitness program you’re involved in.”

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