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Know What Energizes You

Feeling a little rusty at this writing stuff
since I’ve been away so long — N O H H T
(in my best Borat voice).

Been away at Matthew Furey’s
mega conference/seminar
this past week. So power-packed with
information, amazing speakers and energy,
energy and more energy,
I literally had to call off work for the last three days
just to recover and regain my senses.

I had to call the boss and explain I couldnt make it in.
Oh, wait, I am the boss. Well, lets just say
he agreed whole heartedly with my decision
for a much needed respite.


Call it a major release of my “limited self.”

Call it leaving my OLD skin behind
like a rattlesnake does in the desert.

Call it what you want. All I know is I was laid up in bed the entire
time with a fever — the blankets were drenched in sweat.

And in the process I had an awakening.
To deep to go into here but know it was
super powerful and emotional. So profound my old self
tried to hold me back with fever like conditions.

Afraid of whats to come – it was.

Suffice to say though, BANG — I busted through
and am back on track– bigger, brighter
and better than before.

Aint nuthin standin in the way.
So hold onto your hats as we round out the year.

At past similar events, I’ve rushed back to
my room at lunch or dinner to send an email or two out
to stay in contact. Also, I hid in the room
to get away and recharge my system.

I’ve found this effective being somewhat of an introvert.
Extraverts recharge around other people. I’ve found
my energy is replenished by doing the opposite, having quiet time.

This time I decided to put every ounce of
energy into this fantastic insiders group.

So at lunch I didnt rush up to my room
order room service then rush to type an email.

Instead, I sat with different people at meals
and got to know several of them much better.
And boy did I have some fascinating connections–
Jeremiah “the Messiah” Moses and David the Wizard,
to mention a few.

Being somewhat of an introvert this can be a challenge.
Especially, when I dont give myself a break
to recharge on my own.

And at the end of the week – I had nothing left in me.
The week finished up with a wonderful visualization exercise that left me
light headed and drunk with endless possibilities.

The last time I felt this spent was after the ’92 NC State game
when I sunk everything into that humid, sticky game.
I left everything on the field. And spent the next two days recovering
from full body cramps.

When you leave your comfort zone and
leave everything on the field, you open a vacuum that instantly fills
with more energy than you had before.

So tune into how your body recharges:

* Do you get more energy from being away from people.

* Do you get energy by going for a walk on the beach.

* Do you get energy from a walk in the woods.

* Do you get energy from surrounding yourself with other like minded folks.

* Do you energize with endurance type exercises.

Not everyone is the same.

Find what works for you.

Tune in and give your body what it needs.
Also, move out of its comfort zone so to
keep it always growing, expanding and moving forward.

Until then … energize, energize, energize that system,

Vince Palko

Ps. This scratches the surface on the
energy information taught in Triple Your Endurance.
To get more of the good stuff be sure
to roll your log on over to
Triple Your Endurance Now.

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