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Lady Exercise is Your Friend

The iPhone reads 61 degrees here in Northwest Ohio.
Yeah, baby!

Quite the opposite of a few months ago…

So it’s time to let that rope see some true earth.

I know I teach to do something every day.

This last week I didnt.

Yes, I know – not good.

I let all the excuses consume me.

I gotta focus on this project.

I dont have time to do that.

All lame excuses.

I did this because I wanted to see
how my mental psyche would be after a week
of doing nothing but writing and work.

The other night I was reading a nursery rhyme book
to the girls.  There was one that went like this …

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
All play and no work makes Jack a toy.”

Well, I felt duller than dull. All parts were dull; my mind, my body
and my spirit.

Yesterday, I blew the doors off this here abode
and grabbed my jump rope.

The warm air greeted me with open arms.

The serotonin was a flowing.

After a short while, I remembered why I exercise.
Lady exercise was there waiting patiently for me.

She said, “What too you so long, man!”

She baptized me with a good sweat… and said dont
stay away this long next time.

So here I am about to bust out another round
and I cant wait.

Attack your workout like this everyday.

If you’ve missed out on your good ole pal exercise, no worries.

She is always there to greet you no matter how long
you have been in hiding.

Give her a chance and you’ll be loving life.

Best regards,

Vince Palko

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