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Lebron Signs with the Browns

Did you see the insurance commercial
showing Lebron signing with the Cleveland Browns.
The superbowl commercials are off to an interesting start already.
If you don’t know Lebron James – hes a the mega superstar
playing for the Cleveland Cavs.  This commercial plays
upon every Cleveland Browns’ fans wish; having a superstar athlete
on the football team. A REAL superstar to show up and revive the embarrassing organization.Okay, maybe not as embarrassing as Detroit.

But as I sat watching — jaw grazing the carpet –
and dreaming thats just what the Brownies need.

I crafted 8 reasons why Lebron may sign with the Brownies.

1) Lebron’s tall – average size of an NFL defensive back is 6’1″ maybe 6’2″…
Lebron is 6’8″ You do the math. Can you say … ‘Just lob one up to me baby!’

2) Unlike Michael Jordan who delved into baseball and layed an egg…
Lebron actually played football on high school and was good.

3) Lebron’s soft hands -  perfect for a tall flanker compared to the stone mits many of the Browns receivers have- not to mention any names Braylon “butter fingers” Edwards.

4) Lebron’s athleticism- maybe he does not have 4.2 speed but he does have athleticism.  All he needs to do is run a go route and again … ‘Just lob one up to me baby!’ No one will out leap or reach his stretchy arms. Not even

5) Re-ignite the city- The Cavs are kickin ass and now he can help the team who has struggled ever since Modell moved the team to Baltimore.
They now have a new coach.  And the Browns could save a draft pick
and sign Lebron as a free agent.

6) Leadership- even though he is what 24 now… his leadership skills
are unmatchable. He walks his talk and would unite the team with his winning attitude and direction.

7) Basketball on Grass – When a team passes a
ton the defense calls this strategy like ‘playing BASKETBALL on grass.’
Well, last I checked Lebro is pretty darn
talented in hoops. Browns can shift entire
offense to West Coast style – baby.

8) The Browns should try anything to spark
the teams success.  If he doesn’t work out – no biggie – better
than signing some young kid out of college who is most
likely to be a bust anyway.

But it will never happen. Or will it?

Now what does the above have to do with your
fitness or success? Well, maybe nothing. Maybe something
if you want to read super into things.
Its just me just ranting and having fun in email.

However, I do have a new Special Report,
entitled 43 Secrets to Stoke your Fat Blast Furnace
that is all about keeping you fit and happy.
People are climbing over each other (like a WHO concert) to get to.

Fulfillment says we are running low on
hard copies – so I’ll be taking the offer down soon and
pricing this at $35 when I order reprints.
So move man and woman – and grab yours
today while its still FREE.

Lebron’s Football Agent,

Vince Palko

P.S. Tune in for my Super Bowl prediction later this week.
I called the Super Bowl teams halfway through the
1st playoff game.. before the Iggles tried to make a comeback.
So you can bet – my prediction will be on the moneeey.

P.P.S. Also, check out my Success Rocket Club
that helps you discover what you want out of life
and then provides the tools to achieve it.

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  1. Santa Clara Doctors Says:

    Thanks for the Lebro is a phenominally talented sportsman.

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