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Live to Exercise – Exercise to Live Mentality

Funny how things have changed.

Do you ever recall hating something
in the past? I mean something that was really
a thorn in your side and now absolutely loving it?

I remember growing up as a young lad in college going
through off season conditioning at Eppler Center in
Bowling Green.

5:30 am — baby.  Practice started at 6am.
By about 6:30 most were heaving their
fruit loops and morning snacks into large
trash cans placed strategically throughout
the dusty old basketball gymnasium.

Once morning conditioning wrapped up,
you’d trudge out into the newly fallen snow
to shower and get ready for the day.

Meanwhile, 99% of campus is tucked snuggly
in their warm cozy beds.

I remember thinking man, it would be
great to be them for a day.

Those were the days when I lived on someone
elses watch and time because I HAD to.

HAVING TO exercise is one thing.

WANTING TO is another.

Yes, the transition has taken a while
to come to fruition.  However, there is
nothing like starting the day EARLY
and moving your body to beat of a iPod drum.

Many wonderful things happen.

What if you could take any horrible
situation and make it better with exercise.

What if you could transform the way you look
almost overnight.

Its possible.

What if you could never feel an ounce
of stress even in the thickest, nastiest
cloud of adversity?

Its possible.

When you burn off the stress of life
and replace it with all the chemicals
the brain releases with exercise you
are in a much better place to enjoy your life.

The answer is simple my friend.

All it takes is about two weeks straight of
setting a goal to get up a half hour
earlier to get the job done.

And if you think you cant because
of one excuse or another think again.

Part of my inspiration for developing a
consistent routine is my Uncle Vince.

He had a massive heart attack last year.
Despite the fact of having been
“opened up,” he consistently and regularly schedules
life around his workouts not the opposite.

“Did you see the big game last night, V?” I asked him the other day.

“I only watched the first half… COMMITMENT!”
was his text response.

That one hit me pretty good
and its a testimonial to how Vince wants to
never have the feeling like he is living
his last day again!

The good news for you is you dont have to
wait until it gets to that point.

By simply starting small increments of time–
then building on your successes
you can string together a week, two weeks,
a month and you will be on a roll.

If you need assistance with programs
to aid in your fitness revolution program,
make sure to check out my products here….

Start fast!

Vince Palko

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