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Be an Enemy Fearing Player

If you dont play football and
are not interested in some of the technicalities
of the sport… simply delete this email.

This one is for the linebackers.

Okay, listen up men.

One of the most important aspects
to becoming a championship linebacker is this…

There are several.

But I will give you one maybe two if the excitement
and energy stay with me. Pretty hard NOT to do when
talking about the sport I luuuuuv.

Here goes.

You want to be a bad ass – opponent fearing player?

Do this for me. Stand on one leg and see
how long you can do this.

If you lose your balance within seconds,
you have your work cut out for yiz.

You need to work on this.. and this is the time of year to do so.

Grab a rope – use the high speed ropes
that come with LB Fitness as seen here…
You dont want slow moving ropes unless
you want to be “slow moving” on the field.

This exercise will make you agile, mobile
and hostile. Work on your Pirate Hops
and your single leggers. Both will increase your
balance as you are shuffling over the pile
of fallen bodies to light up the tailback
as he is making his way through the L.O.S (line of scrimmage).

Do these exercises relentlessly and consistently all summer
until camp starts. Watch how your speed accelerates.

Get real good at this drill and O-lineman
will be cursing you under their breath when
they try to cut you … and you dont fall.

And trust me coming from a guy born
with slow twitch muscles this exercise
will enhance the quick twitchers
to allow you to make every tackle.
Or at least this should be your thinking
every time you set foot on the field.

Go for it.

Get after it.

Light ‘em up.

Sacrifice your body.

No pain.

Pin your ears back.

Push on!

Vincent Palko

P.S. Another course you’ll want to have in your summer training tool belt is this… You
dont defeat an All American center from the Hokies without it.

P.S.S. Okay, I almost forgot … the second key to success… strengthen
your 16oz sponge between your ears. So you step on the field
with King of the Jungle confidence not like a cowardly little kitty cat.
In my Success Club, the first month is free so all the risk is on ME. Also, when you see what arrives you’ll understand how my approach is different from any other of its kind on the internet.

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