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Makes Negative Nillees Go Away

My coach in college used to say
“treat success and failure the same.”
He never said this after victory… only defeat.
That kept us on an even kiel and it helped
us get back out there and fight again.

That got me thinking when I woke up
to a rainy, dreary day that most would say it is.

You see the last few days we’ve had
warm weather in the 50s.  My broh
in Jacksonville would say 50 is not warm.
He’d say its winter jacket weather.

He used to be tough living up North
but how fast things change.

Anyway, when it was sunny and 55
you could feel people’s mood lift from
the heavy doom and gloom feeling down and out
to one of pure exuberance.

I saw people on the path in shorts, like
myself, – riding, biking, blading.

And they saw me doing my Linebacker shuffle with
spinning rope in hand. LB shuffle is short for
a slow jog while spinning my Linebacker rope. The same
speed rope found inside my Linebacker Fitness course.
Anyhow, today is a different story.
So far I’ve heard three negative cloudy stories
from acquaintances, the news and the former mom in law.

So I needed to shake the negative nillees off my back.

Key thought today is to treat sunny and rainy days the same – just train.

No matter the weather, you’ll feel better about yourself afterward,
the economy and any other pressing issue you cannot
shake from your craw.

And I mean train outside if you can… keep your hood up
and get after it. Your body has to heat itself up more so
than on a sunny day and you burn more calories in the process.

While training in the rain visualize the negative nillees
washing off your back.  Tis a wonderful feeling when you are done.

Okay, all for now.

Make TODAY better than yesterday!

Vince Palko

P.S. If you think you are too old to tote a linebacker rope in
hand, check out what this 60 year young man did with the
program to dispel any fear of starting an exercise routine like Linebacker Fitness
YOu’ll be amazed.

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