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Me, the Clutter-holic

Okay, I admit it… Im a clutter-holic.

Admission is the first step, right?
And I have already begun the process
of cleaning my clutter in my house.

IDEA GUY’S like myself seem
to have stacks of paper to the ceiling.
So clutter and me go hand in hand. :~)

How about you?

Funny part is I never knew I was
a Clutter-holic until
I was introduced to my friend
and client named Jeff.

He is on a mission to save the planet
from clutter. One of his ways to help people
is by writing a book on the harmful effects
of clutter on your well being.

Of course along the way, we developed a
character called, Clutterman seen here:
AdToons Book Covers.

Here is a guy who is thinking cleverly
and will surpass his competition because of it.

What other junk removal businesses
owners have authored a book? My guess
is none.  My guess is no one has
the drive such as Jeff, AKA Clutterman,
to make peoples lives
better… from the instant relief of a clutter-free dwelling.

So why did I write this note?

Simple…if you struggle with clutter
let us know about it.

If you want to transform your life
for the better and read this great book,
let me know.

I will put you on the waiting list
once the book comes out.

Secondly, if you too want to become
known as an expert in your niche
for the services you provide by writing
a book… let me know that as well.

I have helped others create their
first book as well as illustrate key messages
and make the content lively and fun!

To see some of the many book
illustration samples, click here:
AdToons Book Illustrations

I look forward to hearing from you
and how you have started the process
to become JUNK and CLUTTER FREE.

By the way, it sure feels wonderful becoming
CLutter FREE, baby!  So much new positive energy
in my workspace and house!

Ahhh, thanks Clutterman!


Vince Palko

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