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More on the Super Skip

Okay, let’s dip into the mail sack-er-runi.

Got a ton of response to the Super Skip email sent
out last week. Here are a few of the highlights.

If you recall, this exercise is where the rope twirls twice
before your feet touch the ground.

Here goes.


“Vincent: Since you are not jumping twice
as many times, how does this burn the fat?
Are you jumping twice as high?”
Thanks, Suzanne.

VP’s response:  Great question Suzanne
Here are 5 reasons why you burn more fat:
- You are working your lower body more by jumping
often three times as high depending on your experience level.
- You are moving your arms more by whipping the rope faster.
- Your heart rate accelerates because the whole process is rapid fire.
- Your timing has to be spot on and in sync for it to happen.
- Your breathing increases because it is one continuous
motion that doesn’t stop until you miss or you choose to stop

Simply try one at the end of your exercise
routine, Suzanne. You’ll love how they
balance out the upper and lower body -
hitting any area not already worked.


“Vincent … how many days a week
would you recommend jumping rope”
- Steve Austin

VP’s response:  I recommend every other day
when just starting out.  Given that though, you could use
the rope as a warm-up ( 3 minutes) or the main focus of your routine
(10-15 minutes) -  as I mention in Linebacker Fitness – every day.

Tune into your body and guide it as always.  Using it at the very least
to warm up every day will not harm you in any way.

I once used it every day during the summer.
I’d look up to the sun twirling away on the hot black top
visualizing the sun recharging every cell in my body.
It was the best summer I had fitness wise.
Others noticed my energy, my vibrancy and my thinner face.

Start slow with it and add more time as you get comfortable.


Just wanted to let you know that my
Defensive Coordinator, Coach Trujillo, here had
our linebackers in the weight room this morning at 7am sharp
putting them through an intensive jump rope routine as
taught in Linebacker Fitness.
He’s a believer brother!
Take care and no we haven’t put in the Weak Eagle defense yet.”


VP’s response:  If you want to rise to the top every year, a good dose
of LB Fitness in the am will do the trick.  Mix that
with a bit of Weak Eagle defense and wammo –  Instant Champi-ono!
That goes for the average spud on the couch too – minus the Weak Eagle.
Good luck to your team down there in Floh-dah.


“Vince, The exercise you speak is what we called ‘double jumps’
when training for basketball and volleyball. In high school
the strength coach, Jeff Moyer (a senior world champion powerlifter)
challenged me to double jumps without stopping. I beat him 120 to 78,
but Jeff was around 50 at the time and I was 17! Today I can still do
between 40 and 50 and I would bet Mr. Moyer could do the same
in his late 60′s. If people would at least practice these twice a week and
work up to 50, I guarantee the fat will NOT stay on their body…
and they will jump like Dr. J! (OK kids, Lebron) Keep up the great work.”


Michael Sabler

VP’s response:  Yes, some call these double skips.
What makes mine SUPER is the addition of exercises that go
along with it as taught in Linebacker Fitness.
Pick up the set if you havent already.   Yes, its a set
of 2 DVDs and a plethora of bonuses that come boxed up.
And the truth is 10 Supers are enough at the end of any routine
to balance out and strengthen any unworked upper and lower body muscles.
Before you know it – you BE a lean, mean, sexksy machine.

All for now.


Vincent Palko

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