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My Karaoke Career

Hi Kate,

Well, the response to my new music video
on Tackling Life’s Problems
has been stupendous.

Palko Pisanos all over the world didnt know what
hit them.  I received a ton of feedback
like … dont quit your writing career – to- I am
going to listen to that song every morning
to start my day.

Well, thats fantastic.  The juice in that song
is free to use as you see fit.
Like I said, I love singing.  If you cant have fun
while you inform your audience, you might as well
pack the bags and head home.

Those close to me know that I’ll often bust out a song
mid sentence while in the middle of a conversation.
So if you think I’m a one hit wonder, think again.  :)

Here are some of the many responses I received:


Hi Vince,

As Randy Jackson might say:  Dude!
You started off OK, had a few pitch problems
in the middle, but you really worked it out at the
end Dog!!!  Nice baby…real nice!
Seriously though…thanks for sending the music video.
It was hysterical and I laughed out loud.
Nice boost to the middle of the day!
Best regards, Pete


hehehehehhh, DON’T QUIT YOUR DAY

Holy Shizznazzle Forazzle Palko !
This thing rocks BIG TIME !
Love you lots.
Best from Las Vegas,

Sylvia H


Holy Crap. I was a bit surprised seeing myself on your video.
My picture from Vegas was right
after we picked up our marriage license.
Good luck with the book sales, I am sure you will do great!

Best Regards,

Michael S


Your music video rocks! Very cool video… and
certainly brave of u!!!

Sherrie R.


The book is being nabbed up now more
than ever.  So if you want to reserve a copy
or three – make sure to do so now while
its top of mind and before I hit the BIG TIME.

The price will never be this low.


Vince Palko

P.S. I have a call with Randy, Paula and Simon
later today – but will leave the offer open
all day to grab this Tackling Life’s Problems prepublication offer.

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