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My Nightlife Growing Up

One hot summer back in 1990, I’ll never forget.

I had just had an argument with my mother.
The exact topic escapes me that we were discussing.

Instead of going to my room and sulking and getting more upset,
I left the house by foot and took a long walk.

I’ve alway been one to want to move the frustration
and anger through my body insteqd of letting
it accumulate and build.

Live qnd let go is my motto.

I remember that night vividly because
I turned that anger into something positive.

A dark neighbor hood, me and my sneakers hitting the
crumbly pavement – that’s all that was there that night.

I began thinking of my newly awarded full scholarship to BGSU
and what I wanted to do with it.

I wanna take advantage of this opportunity and really be somebody.

I wanna be the best linebacker to play at BGSU.

A wild dream as many pro athletes had come and gone through
the hollowed hallways of that stadium.

But no the less a pack I made with myself on that night
while I shuffled diagonally back and forth from side to side
on the street. Imagining I was hopping over fallen players
to streak to the running back. Then I’d walk and look up
at the dark lit sky and smile. Then I’d run as if I was dashing
out onto the field raising my arms up to acknowledge the crowd.

When I returned to cracked brick staircase of my house I sat on
the steps, I was no longer mad. No longer frustrated.

I went inside and smoothed things out with mom.
What we had previously discussed had no relevance anymore.
I was ready to bury the hatchet.

So was she.

If ever I felt frustrated or angry about something, not just with ma,
this was my ritual – to turn to the night – that summer.

That next season I started as freshman.  I started at middle LB
and we won the championship.
The years that followed that were like out of a storybook
with win upon win leading into a nice pro career.

Herein the words just typed are answers to how to turn your
life around on a dime:

First, take time for solitude… its magical
the insights you receive when you slow down
and let the chatter evaporate
and distill the nuggets of wisdom at the
bottom of the pond (your mind).

Second, make packs with yourself no matter
how far fetched they might seem.

Third, move your limbs the whole time you
are doing talking to yourself.

Fourth, do this when the rest of the world
is sleeping where its just you and the night…
this sends a serious message to the universe
that you are willing to do what it takes to get things done
when other people are no where to be found.

Fifth, don’t hold onto anger, resentment and
frustration for long. Let it go as soon as it comes
in – like a hydrogen vehicle releasing vapor into the air.

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Vince Palko

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