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My Race Day Results

Many times you’ll have so called
experts that just promote products and
never practice what they preach.

Not moi. I’m a real person who
is in the game with you, striving to achieve excellence
on a daily basis; giving it the ole college try.

And what I’ve told you from time to time is
to achieve 1% improvements. If you can get 5-15% that’s wonderful.
But shoot for 1% everyday.

How do you know if you’ve improved 1% each day?
Keeping score of your workouts is the best way.

Can you imagine where you’d be after a lifetime
of this practice?

Yesterday I finished a triathlon
where I hit my goal and clipped about 25 minutes
from a personal best on the same track.

I have Triple Your Endurance to thank for it.

Thanks to TYE the hills were a bit easier. Easier compared to what, you may ask.

Easier than all the people I hawked (that means caught) and
passed going up ‘em.
Tightness and cramps disappeared along the way.

Now, of course, there still are areas I need to improve.
By no means did my 240 lb frame come close to winning it.
But I improved from the last race. And that’s key.

On another note, it’s very interesting that no one on the course
had their breathing set up to energize themselves.

If ever I didn’t breathe, my body
quickly alarmed me with crampy feeling or tight legs.
For every breath I took, a few minutes would pass and
I noticed newfound energy and stamina to pass the “half-sizer
shrimps” racing in front of me.

Most importantly, I nailed the goal I set for
myself way back in January by the hair of my chinny
chinny chin – with 22 seconds to spare.

Now you can apply the same deep breathing techniques during the
day to maximize your productivity and get more
work done than anyone near you.

Yes, but of course.

There are small tips and techniques those
with boundless energy do on a daily basis and
I have outlined them all within TYE.

So get your “meat hooks” on a copy ASAP
because we have 15 copies of the current program left
before we have to reorder more.

Its time to start living with the maximum amount
of energy. Not just enough to narrowly squeak through
the day.

Unleash You!


Vince Palko

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