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My Secret Battery Charger

These days finding natural energy boosters is the key
to sustained living and longevity.

After all, soon as the energy runs out – the lights go out.
So its important to keep your energy levels high.

And today, I will reveal my way.

Playing in front of 94,000 screaming fans and giving everything you have
has made many a man nervous.

Yet, my personal success system was always the same. I instinctually performed
the same thing week in and week out to prepare. Not a clue what I was REALLY doing.

When my hotel roommate relaxed on the bed — TV controller in hand,
I’d fill up the tub, climb in and begin my stretching & relaxation exercises.
And then in my mind create “memories” of the next day waaay before the day started. Some call this form of meditation – visualization.

Mine though, were so REAL that they felt like I had already lived them.
They felt more like memories, NOT future images.

How could this be.

Let me be clear in telling you at the time I had no idea
my way was any better than the guy relaxing his mind and taking it off
the game by watching TV.

However, there were clues now that suggest – i was dialed into exactly how
my body needed to excel at a high level.

The other thing I found out later in life … was the time spent in the tub
was my RECHARGE time. My internal battery would fill up after a tough week of practice. I’d be so ready to go I’d be pacing on the sidelines come the fourth quarter chin strap buckled, ready to get back in the game. While others rested on the bench.

How did I figure this important energy clue out. It wasnt until years later and
meeting a special guy in the longevity and health department last year.
He showed me how to pull in energy from
nature. Yes, pull it from water, from plants and from trees around you.

Sound like it cant be done. But it can. Everything in life gives off a vibration and energy.

And here back in all those hotel bathrooms preparing for GameDay,I was doing it all along. Pretty fascinating stuff.

Just being in water alone will NOT recharge your system, you have
to know the techniques to draw it out. Very Eastern in its origin. At least
this is where my friend studied his practice for over 30 years.

I reveal how to recharge your internal battery with
my course Triple Your Endurance.

This secret is told along with 6 other simple exercises to practice on a daily basis.

What would it feel like to never runout of gas. To work late
into the night and spring outta bed in the morning with nothing
more than a glass of water to start the day.

Tis a great feeling to know how to harness your own energy.
Its possible and its necessary if you want to get ahead in life.

I can show you how by simply by adjusting a few things
in your life. Make sure to move that mouse (requiring very little energy)
on over to

And feel your energy reserves fill and feel your energy take off
like a cheetah bounding from the bush.

Unleash your endurance,

Vincent Palko

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