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My Super Bowl Predictions

A couple days ago I was traveling back from Tampa
at an incredible coaching session
with Matt Furey. Part of his program can be seen
here ..

While there, I thought I to grab a souvenir from the
city hosting the biggest sporting
event of the year seen by cabillions all over the globe.

I grabbed a sweet long sleeve blue and lime green shirt that
simply said Super Bowl XLIII. No crappy Steelers logo on it.

The guy ‘up sold’ me a hat. He showed me a couple
different styles.  One had the two teams on the front
and he called it a battling emblem hat. I told him
I could care less who wins. So give me the matching
SuperBowl hat like my badass shirt.

The truth is I dont care who really wins. Meaning,
my week wont be ruined if either team takes it.
But I’ll be tuned in for the game … and to see Springsteen
rock Tampa at halftime. No Bama rhetoric Bruce. Just play man.

I want what most people dont want to see… a defensive
battle. You know the low scoring game … where it comes
down to a goal line stand with ten seconds left … where one
team wants it more than the other and edges the other team out.


Thats what life is about too.


When you are soar. When you are tired. When you wanna
give up. Can you dig deep to pull
out something you never knew you had.

I can remember being on the bottom of a pile in
the endzone fighting for a fumble. The ball went back and forth
between me and my opponent.
By the time the refs pulled everyone off…
I had the ball in my hands.  And it wasnt cause I was stronger
that the bigger o-lineman. Its because I wanted it more. It took everything I had too.


Thats what separates winners from CHAMPIONS.

The ability to focus and attain your dreams when
you have chaos and pressure beating down on you.
Thats how CHAMPIONS are forged.

And the reason why the Cardinals will win. I like the under dogger.

So it will be a defensive struggle, yet, at the same time I
think the Cards will win because of Komeback Kurt …
who has the ability and the eye of the Cardinal to do it.

Kurt is one who can pull a team up by its bootstraps in any situation and rally.
So I wont be vague and just say they will win. More on Komeback Kurt tomorrow.
Here is my prediction:

Cards 17 — Steelers 13

Good luck to both teams.
And let there be no major injuries on either side of the ball.

Be a champion today.  Drop the excuses. Drop
the negative self talk. Drop the remote …
drop the news that has no baring on you and start moving
in the direction you want your life to go.


Vince Palko

P.S. If you want to start moving in the direction
of better health and fitness well check out these
four programs…
and when you do these exercises you’ll look and feel
like the talented, svelte athletes in the SuperBowl.

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