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Neglect it Regret it

Wahhhhh- hoo… Go Steelers.

Yeah, I knew they’d win – the whole time.

Okay, I was hoping enough days have
past and I could slip that one by you.

Thanks for all the love letters regarding
my Cardinals pick last weekend.
I feel like we are family who can jab each other
when it comes to that kind of stuff. Keep it up.

Truth is, I missed half of the game
as life presented a much more exciting
opportunity that I wasnt going to ignore.

But thats another story for another time.

Traveling up to Chicago to hang with my sister
and he husband was a blast.  On the drive
there and back I saw cars pulled off to the side
of the road. Seems the extreme cold temp pushes some
older makes over the edge and they give out.
Regular tune ups and maintenance is what
a car needs.  Just like you and me.

If you neglect it – you’ll regret it.

Made me think of a tragic story that was
on Discovery a while back. 9-11 was the theme
that night and they uncorked many stories
of lives of folks saved and lost in the tragedy.

One I couldnt seem to shake loose was of a gentleman
who never made it out.  And its not because
he ran out of time. He just ran out of gas.

Its because he gave up… much like those
cars on the side of the road. He was
obese and sweating up a storm and out of breath.

He literally was sooo tired from stepping
down all the flights of stairs(I cant blame him) he told his two friends
to go without him.

All three could sense danger was imminent and the one friend booked…
the other friend stayed. A little more time and he himself
knew he could not wait.  He left his friend because something
inside him said, there is not much time- GET OUT.

And the 2nd friend made it out but the overweight guy did not.
A sad, sad story.

When Discovery interviewed family members, especially
the kids, there was a bit of resentment and anger. Dad just gave
up cause he ran out of steam. They didnt talk proudly of him…
he became known as the guy who gave up.
Can you imagine your family not proud of you.
This literally ripped through me like a spear through the heart.
You had to see their expressions to really understand.

Imagine your kids or loved ones ripping you on national tv.
Not cool.

Getting back in shape if not for yourself but for you family
is a powerful motivator.  I want to be able to enjoy my kids grandkids, grandkids.

Lofty goal I know but doable when I dream everyday.

And be there for them no matter what.

You never want to be stuck in a situation
like our obese friend lost in the towers that day.

Maybe you will never be in a similar situation where
you have to run down flights of stairs to safety.

But in a world like we live now, you never know
what it might be.  you just know you want to be ready.

I have two courses that will drop the fat, increase
your endurance and energy and make you mentally and physically

They are my Linebacker Fitness program
and my Super Body Blitz program

For a limited time you buy both for a discount
and use my easy linebacker payment plan seen here …

You dont have to be a football player or former
player to take advantage of these unusual drills
and exercises not taught anywhere else on the net.

Just a doer who wants CHANGE.
Take the first step and have peace of mind
that no matter what happens to you or your
family – you will be there for them.


Vince Palko

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